Level Up Your Style with Our Guide to Watch Movement Cufflinks

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The modern man who has an eye for detail will definitely appreciate the sophisticated mechanisms of the unique Watch Movement cufflinks.

Watch Movement cufflinks feature mind boggling mechanisms inside a watch. It’s gears, levers and in some designs, gems, are meticulously handcrafted to reveal it’s secrets of synchronized precision.

We bring you some of the best variations ever produced in this post and learn how to level up your outfits with these collector’s pieces!


Quartz Watch Movement Cufflinks

Style Tips:

Never underestimate the contemporary hipsters’ love for mixing high fashion with grunge, creating an all new style that screams individuality. Pair smart casual suits with quartz moment cufflinks that adds that right bit of quirk - making it wearable for both formal or casual occasions. Want to take it up a notch further?  Finish the outfit with our checkered Ingrid Pastel Bow Tie for a back to school look.

From right to left: Clock Jacob, Clock Aidan



Mechanical Watch Movement Cufflinks

Style Tips:

You know you have to ace those first impressions at that important board meeting, so pair your power suits with these classic mechanical movement cufflinks! These intricate gear designs are guaranteed to impress the board without looking like you are trying too hard - match them with neutral colored shirts for maximum impact!

From right to left: Watch Movement George, Watch Movement Grant



Kinetic Watch Movement Cufflinks

Style Tips:

These surefire conversation starters match effortlessly with a pair of dark denim jeans and a casual blazer.  Classic enough to wear them everyday, yet visually striking to make a statement. Look picture perfect with your OOTD and complement your outfit with our  Moleskine Classic Tote Bag in Burgundy Red.

From right to left: Watch Movement Ignatius, Watch Movement Remo



Non Movement Watch Movement Cufflinks

Style Tips:

A Black Tie occasion usually calls for a stricter dress code but it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little jazz to it. Let your personality shine through with these little details! The exposed gears and unique colour contrasts will create lasting impressions when it matters most. So what’s next? Accentuate your ensemble with our Zachery Crystal Bow Tie, and enjoy the limelight.

From right to left: Watch Movement Preston, Watch Movement Anna



Unique Faces Watch Movement Cufflinks

Style Tips:

Statement pieces perfect for the cufflink collector. We just can’t get our hands off these detailed and intricate mancessories that succeed at being decorative and masculine simultaneously. They take your outfit from drab to fab in an instant - pair them with neutrals or contrasting coloured suits and complete the look with our Monochrome Cotton Tie!

From right to left: Watch Movement Dominic, Watch Movement Roger


Watch Movement cufflinks are undisputably classy yet versatile option to wear for most formal or informal events. They also make the perfect gift for watch enthusiast, engineer or all others fascinated by what makes things tick. Shop our latest collection of Watch Movement cufflinks now.

Not convinced? Check out how these nifty accessories move!

Adapted from: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/quartz-mechanical-automatic-movements/

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Enjoy 10% Storewide with UOB Cards

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The Ultimate Wedding Accessory Guide

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When it comes to weddings, sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s not just the bride who likes a little romance – a surprise gift for the groom before the wedding can set the mood for the day and make him feel loved and appreciated. However, with so many items to choose from, how do you select the best ones for the man? Read on for some tips!


1. Joshua Necktie 2. Black Button 3. Bond Black Self-Tie Bow Tie 4. Day to Night Combo 5. Royal Red Lapel Rose 6. Tieclip Calvin 

These evergreen designs are the best for the busy groom who is constantly on his feet and always toggling his outfits between work and play. From office meetings to client dinners, he can wear them over and over again without going out of style.


1. Jeanette Cufflink O2 2. Engraved Oval Keychain 3. Alphabet Initials Cufflinks (Cursive) 4. Wächterlein Lunar Leather Wallet 5. Silver Collar Stay 6. Custom Photo Cufflinks

Considering personalized cufflinks for the groom? You could have one of a kind cufflinks engraved with the date of the wedding, initials or something that marks the occasion. The options are endless when it comes to engraved accessories. This is the perfect way to add a special and meaningful touch to the present.


1. Hourglass (Blue) 2. Zeppelin 3. Atlas Tie 4. Storm Trooper 5. Evangeline Crystal Bow Tie 6. Cyan Carnation Lapel Flower 7. Pacman & Ghost

If the groom constantly thinks out of the box and is eccentric, we have perfect accessories for him! Great for the man who is colorful, quirky and a little unconventional.


1. Josiah Bow Tie 2. Woodstruck 3. Wood Crystal 4. Light Brown Button Up Lapel Rose 5. Guns & Roses 6. Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet - Java

If the groom is a nature lover, look no further! We have curated a list of accessories in neutral tones, for him to add that little bit of nature into his wardrobe.


1. Merry Men 2. Tuxedo Studs Blyton 3. Watch Movement Remo 4. Seashell 5. Charlie Crystal Bow Tie 6. Lapel Pin Rose Cream

For the groom who is always the impeccable dresser. These accessories are the epitome of luxe and are sure to be conversation starters at any event.

With this gift guide, you should have no trouble finding the perfect accessories for the groom for the most special day of his life. It’s always a safe bet to match accessories to the color of shirts or suits. For the adventurous dresser, make a statement by matching accessories with complimentary coloured shirts. Find out how to match cufflinks to different coloured shirts.

Ready to level up his style? Shop our wide range of accessories now!  

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The Best Gifts Under S$100 for your Valentine

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From classic accessories to personalized mementos, take the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping with these unique finds.
Whether he’s an astute businessman who spends most of his days brokering deals in the office, a trend-driven designer with a penchant for the latest fashion fads, or a kid at heart, our choices are certain to satisfy even the most discerning man.
Take the plunge and scroll through for gifts that are sure to please even the pickiest on your list.

Gifts Under S$20

A pricey gift isn't always the most prized. There are plenty of ways to let him know you've got him on your mind without spending a small fortune.

Gifts Under S$30

Bring a smile to his face this Valentine's without busting your budget with these brilliantly clever and easy to style accessories.

Shop: 1. Tieclip Julius, 2. Kaden Tie, 3. Lock and Key Cufflinks, 4. I Love My Wife Cufflinks, 5. Love Locket Cufflinks


Gifts Under S$50

Show how much he means to you with quality gifts under S$50. They're personalized, cool, useful and definitely doesn't make you look cheap.

Shop: 1. Thor of Asguard Cufflinks, 2. Praline Crystal Bowtie, 3. Initials (Cursive) Cufflinks, 4. Jeanette Customized Cufflinks, 5. Limited Edition Hard Cover Moleskine Iron Man Notebook

Gifts Under S$80

Spare no expense for the man in your life with our nifty accessories under S$80. It's time to show your love this Valentine's Day.

Shop: 1. Custom Photo Cufflinks, 2. Cufflink Leather Display Case, 3. Guns and Roses Wood Cufflinks, 4. Watch Movement Keton Cufflinks, 5. Sunday Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Gifts Under S$100

Want to treat your loved one (or better yet, yourself) to something a little more high end than the other goodies? Shop our premium collection for quality leather accessories and cufflinks with real mechanical movement!

Shop: 1. Bellroy Bluesteel Slim Sleeve Wallet, 2. Wachterlein RFID Shield Wallet with engraving, 3. Bellroy Caramel and Charcoal iPhone Case, 4. Watch Movement Michael Cufflinks, 5. Dapper Avenue 100% Premium Cotton French Cuff Shirt

For those who want to splurge on their man this season of love, we've rounded up our best picks below. 

Gifts Above S$100

Shop: 1. Watch Movement Sophie Cufflinks, 2. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet (Arctic Blue), 3. Day to Night Combo, 4. Moleskine Classic Backpack (Slate Grey), 5. Bellroy Microsleeve (Caramel)


Skip the box of chocolates in favor of gifts that really speak to his personal taste. 

Shop The Little Link for over 1,000 designs to find your perfect gift this Valentine's Day!

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The quintessential style guide to your romantic adventures this Valentine's Day

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Booked an overseas trip with the love of your life this Valentine’s Day? From city escapades to beach vacations, we bring you the best looks for effortless style and take the stress out of dressing up, while you focus on the important things.

1. Buddy’s Beach Wedding

Not sure what to wear at your first ever beach wedding? Opt for pastels and intricate details - the idea is to be comfortable, yet smart. You’d most likely impress the bridesmaids by being colour coordinated with them. So relax and take a stroll on white sands next to emerald waters.

Shop: 1. Maxine Crystal Bowtie, 2. Katniss Cufflink R2, 3. Cocktail Mix Lapel Pin, 4. Bouquet, 5. Royal Pink Lapel Pin, 6. Angel Quartz

2. The Out-of-the-Ordinary Itinerary

The perfect pick and go accessories to pair with a smart casual look. While you want to surprise her with an air balloon ride to catch the sunrise, you don’t want to be over dressed, but you don’t want to look like you didn’t.

Shop: 1. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet - Java, 2. Hipster Geek Lapel Pin, 3. Sunnies, 4. Supersonic, 5. DSLR

3. Culture Tour

There’s no excuse to neglect your style while you both soak up the local art and culture in cities with rich history. Express yourself with these colourful and bold statement pieces while you embark on your adventure.

Shop: 1. Wacky Bluefins, 2. Piano Keys (White), 3. The Writer, 4. Ingrid Pastel Bow Tie, 5. Leo Stripe Socks, 6. Moleskine Classic Tote Bag - Burgundy Red, 7. Potted Plant Lapel Pin, 8. Rainbow Lapel Pin

4. Museum Hopping

Get inspired with the rich history and heritage, while you look picture perfect for her! Ace your OOTD with our curated accessories which are easy to match, yet not look like you are trying too hard.

Shop: 1. Watch Movement Mosky, 2. Moleskin Laptop Case 15”, 3. Deep Blue Carnation Lapel Flower, 4. Feather Collar Pin, 5. Knotty Knot, 6. Wachterlein Lunar Leather Wallet, 7. Poodle Collar Pin, 8. Moleskine Khaki Beige Soft Cover Notebook

5. Stage-Struck

Enjoy the finer things in life and take her to her first black tie musical. Suit up in full gear and accessorize with our pick of premium black tie accessories.

Shop: 1. Bond Black Self Tie Bow Tie, 2. Cream Wool Lapel Rose, 3. Raphael Bowtie & Pocket Square Box Set, 4. Merry Men, 5. Watch Movement Sophie, 6. Classic Silver Money Clip, 7. Champagne Time

Make your holiday memorable and picture perfect with our curated accessories! With more than 1,000 designs of men’s accessories, there is definitely one to suit your outfit choices and holiday destinations! Visit The Little Link for more!
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