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How Do You Match the Right Tie Patterns to Your Shirt?

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Learning to match your shirts and ties together so they work well may be an art, but it's definitely one you can master.

Match the Right Tie Patterns to Men's Shirts

The first rule to picking a tie is knowing your dress shirt. What type of dress shirt is it – solid or patterned? Dark coloured or light? Once you’ve determined your shirt, there are some simple guidelines to picking the perfect tie. 


When wearing a solid coloured dress shirt, you can choose to wear either a patterned or a solid tie.

Match Tie Patterns to Solid Men's Shirts

Solid Coloured Ties

You can choose to either use complementary colours or analogous colours. For example, if you wear a light coloured shirt, choose a complementary bold dark colour to stand out. You can also choose a tie from the same group of colours as your shirt but a much darker shade. Likewise, if you’re wearing a dark shirt, you can choose a light coloured complementary or analogous coloured tie. 

Patterned Ties

If you wish to don a patterned tie with your solid coloured shirt, the easiest way to not run afoul of fashion is to ensure one of the colours in your patterned tie match the solid shirt or at the very least, is from the same colour family.

Red Patterned Ties

Instead of the usual black and white, pair these red ties with a light pink or blue coloured shirt. Shop (L to R) Cameron TieGabriel Tie and Lucas Tie.


A patterned dress shirt is a little trickier to match. However if you follow these basic rules, you be done in no time!

First Rule of thumb

You need to match the solid colour of your tie to one of the colours in your patterned shirt (or at least be in the same colour family).

Match Ties to Patterned Men's Shirts

There’s no right or wrong, just stay away from looking like an optical illusion by following the basic rules as mentioned above.


Blue Patterned Ties

Shop our wide range of patterned ties (L to R) Anton Tie, Charles Tie, Brayden Tie. Match them with shirts in complementary shades of blue or green.

Second Rule of Thumb

Pick the right scale. Your collar and tie should be in proportion with each other. Also remember to pair large patterns with smaller ones. You want your patterns to visually complement each other.

Matching the right tie patterns to Men's Work Shirts

Let's take it up another level with our Pro Tips :

Pro Tips - Matching the Right Tie Patterns to Men's Work Shirts

Of course, tie patterns are not just limited to dots and stripes.  Add some fun to your formal work shirts with some cool graphics. It’s not all about the rules sometimes!

Patterned Ties

Shop our range of ties with fun patterns. (L to R) : Blake Tie, Thomas Tie, Oliver Tie

There you have it! You can now breathe easy the next time you need to put on a tie with your dress shirt. Shop your ties here right now! 




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