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From the runway to a day in the office, to even painting the town red at noteworthy events, in recent times, trendy menswear has given fashion an exclusive facelift.


For this men's edition of Flair Magazine, we take a look at mens' fashion through the lens of local designer Mark Anthony.


Tailor by design, Anthony proudly carries on the creative tradition from his uncle, who he considered a master tailor. And while he never envisioned himself in fashion, with the extra push from his grandmother, he furthered his training by obtaining certification from the Heart Trust.

Despite the issues of exploitation from the 'powers that be' and disunity among fellow designers, and the challenge of sourcing good-quality fabric locally, Anthony pushed on - with the help of divine intervention, focusing on giving featured fabric not only a voice but also a personality.

"Fabric and its texture play a vital role in executing a well-tailored garment. I always work against the grain, so if it's the norm to see a black shirt with black buttons, then you'll see red buttons on a Mark Anthony shirt," he revealed.


Colorful Socks

Colorful Socks 

With this unique style of designing in mind, he hopes to establish the Mark Anthony Designs brand on the international market, paving the way for other local designers in Jamaica.

Describing his personal style as clean, well-tailored, fresh, chic and functional, he offers a few tips for men aspiring to keep up with the trend:

Every man should have a well-tailored suit in his closet, preferably a coral or gray suit. Double vent and two buttons are more modern and fashionable.

A pair of black and a brown laced wing-tip shoes with matching belts. A reversible leather belt is a good buy and can be found at Boss Apparel.

A pair of cuff links, handkerchiefs, pocket squares or lapel flower, give you the freedom to add extra style and personal taste to your suit.

Only the top button should be buttoned on a two-button jacket.

Find out your size and wear it. This includes wearing the right size suits, shirts and pants. That's the genesis of a well-dressed man.


Genesis of a well dressed man

Black Tie Ensemble for Men


Anthony is currently in the process of launching a socks line called 'Fashion Trendy Feet by Mark Anthony'. He explained: "This brand extension features a line of socks suited for men. The idea is to make a bold or subtle statement with your feet. It further extends or accentuates the trouser. Six exciting categories of socks are offered. They are 'The Executive, Designer Dress' series,' Trendy', 'Happy', 'Argyle', 'Classic' and 'Casual'."


Credits and read more from Jamaica-Gleaner


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