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5 reasons to wear cufflinks

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Fashion is no longer an exclusive arena for women. 21st century men flaunt their charm, masculinity and personality from the small details in matching their suit with pocket-handkerchiefs to picking different timepieces for different occasions. Yet often, amidst gazillions of accessories one could add to a perfect suit, cufflinks are often overlooked as an important complement. Here are five reasons why that should not be the case:

1. They fasten your sleeves (DUH!)

After all, this is what cufflinks were made for. Early tailors used decorative buttons to fasten shirtsleeves and this practice ended up in the mainstream when these buttons evolved into highly polished and gem encrusted cufflinks.

Men's Cufflinks, Ties and Accessories

2. Cufflinks complete your look

Cufflinks break the monochromatic look that men often encounter (black and white fanatics, anyone?). They could also accentuate your favorite tie, making your look cohesive and dapper. Formal cufflinks are also able to transform your cool and causal outfit to an office-worthy look, especially when you have unexpected meetings on dress-down Friday.

Men's Cufflinks, Ties and Accessories

3. Attention to details

Wearing cufflinks show that you are attentive to details, in an expressive yet subtle manner. They complement your professionalism in any business settings, from interviews to board meetings.

Men in Suit

4. Personal storytellers

Cufflinks can be fun too. Let them do the storytelling – show that you are a Manchester United fan, an avid superheroes geek, or even a sports men. Those could be real conversation starters in unfamiliar social settings.



5. Memories

Many people purchase cufflinks as gifts for significant moments and significant others in their lives – be the first movie, the third Christmas shared together, or an important sports game won. More often than not, each pair of cufflink carries warm fuzzy feelings associated with the occasions in which they were gifted or bought.


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