6 Must-Have Accessories for Men

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In a fashion-forward country like Singapore, it takes a lot to keep up with the fast-changing trends and style. It can be a challenge to keep up with trends and not stick out like a sore thumb. No matter which field of work you are in, be it in an office job or a more vocational area of expertise, there are certain accessories which will help you look more professional and can be an instant confidence booster.

Can you make a guess what are the 6 must-have accessories? Here we go…


1) A Pair of Cufflinks

Silver and Gold Tourbillion Watch Cufflinks - Watch Movement Michael

We know buttons are convenient, but a pair of cufflinks can add style and a little bit of bedazzle to all shirts, even if it is a simple shirt from Uniqlo. It speaks elegance and professionalism with a hint of fashion consciousness. With the variety and creative designs of cufflinks available these days, you can easily find one that suit different occasions, your profession, personal style and even your mood! Want to level up and look a CEO? We recommend this stylish pair of watch movement cufflinks.


2) A Favourite Neck Tie 

Men in Suit and Necktie

 In order make a good impression at work or at that important meeting, there’s something you can’t forget. You’ll need to get yourself a good tie. With or without a suit, a tie helps you to stand out among the crowd, especially if you choose a pair that goes well with your outfit. One might say it is even the centerpiece of your entire outfit. Ties need not be boring and conventional all the time like what they were in our fathers’ era.

Men are more daring to try quirky prints and bright colours these days, For example, If you’re attending a more casual and cosy wedding and do not want to look too shabby or overdressed, try going for something funky with prints. If you’re attending an important business meeting, it would be best to opt for safe choices and complementing colours to your shirt, such as this sleek black tie or this blue striped one.


3) A Cool Bow Tie

Grey Textured Bow Tie

Sure, bow ties aren’t associated with day-to-day business attires such as in offices or at business meetings, but that doesn’t make them any less of a necessary accessory. Gone are the days when bow ties can only be seen on red carpets and at formal social functions with a black tie dress code. In recent times, bow ties have evolved and loosened up. You’re more likely to see men in bow ties of playful colours and prints at parties and social events these days. It is now known as the fun younger brother of the neck tie, and increasingly represent men who know how to have fun while staying classy.

This versatile polka dot bow tie can be worn casual with a shirt and jeans, or suited up with a tuxedo for formal events. Or maybe you want to let your fun personality shine through with a casual outfit and a funky bow tie like this one in checks. There are so many bow ties in the market to experiment with nowadays, you’re bound to find one that suits your personality!


4) A Chic Pocket Square


Man in Black Suit and Red Bowtie


How do you boost your outfit and appearance with one simple accessory? That’s right, it’s a pocket square. Pocket squares originated with a hygiene purpose back in olden times for the upper-class, where men used linen handkerchiefs to cover their noses. A handkerchief was put into the breast pocket of a suit to prevent it from mixing with other objects (such as coins) in the trousers pocket.

Folding techniques developed and the pocket square eventually evolved into a fashion accessory. This simple piece of cloth has risen in popularity as fashion-forward men realise they can add it to their outfit for an effortless and complete look, whether it be for a casual or formal event. How you fold it also determines the type of image you want to portray. We reckon this cool pocket square would be a good conversation starter!


5) Funky Socks

Funky Colorful Men's Socks

Socks have attracted more attention from men these days, and rightfully so. Who says you can only wear black, navy or grey socks? This accessory adds a punch to a man’s attire when one sees a peek of his choice of socks. It is subtle yet impressionable, and speaks a lot about a person’s personality and fashion. Want to stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression at a party? Perhaps this pair of colourful striped socks would be a good choice.  


6) A Stylish Money Clip

Classic Gunmetal Money Clip

Here’s another popular trend that has developed over the years and is pretty simple - and that is meant quite literally. Nowadays, simplicity and minimalism are considered beauty, and a money clip is a symbol of these two traits. Money clips are small, compact, and do their job: hold money and cards together. You can have more than one and organise them however you please.

You won’t ever have to walk out of your home in the morning with a thick wallet sticking out of your coat pocket or forming a bump on your bum again. Look sophisticated with this classic metallic clip and have the option to engrave your initials as well.


And there you have it, the top 6 essentials every man should have in their wardrobe. Take your time to browse and shop for the perfect ones and experience for yourself how big a change they can enforce on any man! Splurge a little on what’s important with the help of Cardable for additional promos and deals which might be available for your credit card, and see not only improvements in your looks and how you present yourself, but also how you feel about yourself.


This article piece is written by a writer from Cardable.

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