Bowties 101 – An Introduction to Bow Ties

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You may have picked out the perfect suit, but no ensemble is complete without the right accessories. Why not take it a notch up and try on a bow tie? A man who wears a bow tie is one who is not afraid to occasionally step outside his comfort zone and try different looks. The right bow tie can transform your outfit from unimaginative to quirky and confident.

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Where Did the Bow Tie Originate?

The bow tie has Croatian roots, dating back to the 17th century. Croatian mercenaries used neckwear, similar to scarves, called the cravat to hold the collars of their shirts together. These were rapidly adopted by the French upper class, who were known as leaders in fashion at the time. Over time, the cravat evolved into the men’s neckwear we know today: neckties and bow ties. At the turn of the century, bow ties were an essential part of formal “full-dress” attire. By the 1900s, the bow tie became a staple in men’s fashion, often worn by surgeons and academia. While bow ties fell out of everyday fashion after the Second World War, it has remained a customary part of formal attire to this day.
Cravat in the early 1900s

In recent years, the bow tie has regained some of its former popularity among fashionable men. Even women are getting in on the trend and are sometimes seen sporting men’s attire, complete with suit and bow tie. Today, you’ll find men incorporating a bow tie into outfits for a variety of events: work, cocktail parties, and casual everyday wear.

Types of Mens Bow Ties  

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Sizing Your Bow Tie

A bow tie is a one-size-fits-all affair. With a little trial and error, any adjustable bow tie should fit the average (or not so average) man’s neck. The neck strap on a bow tie should either have an adjustable slider or a hook and holes with pre-marked measurements. To measure your neck length, start by laying a dress shirt with the collar flat on an even surface. With a tape measure, measure in inches all the way around the collar band, starting and ending at the center collar button. This is your neck size. The average neck sizing of a bow tie is 14.5 inches to 17.5 inches. Adjust your bow tie to your neck size and tie it up to see how it feels. It should be snug but not uncomfortably tight. It may take a couple tries to achieve the perfect the fit, but once you figure it out, you’ll never have to guess again.

How to Tie A Bow Tie

Learning how to tie a self tie bow tie is a rite of passage on the journey to becoming a true gentleman. Tying a bow can be difficult the first few times and takes practice to master. Follow the step by step guide below and you’re good to go!

So Wear it loud and wear it proud, grab yourself a bowtie from our collection today.  


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