Cufflink Guide 101 - Matching Cufflinks to the Colour of Your Work Shirts

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It can be hard to know how to wear cufflinks, especially when they’re seen as accessories for more formal occasions, but with this simple guide you’ll see they’re easier to wear than you’d think. 

Cufflinks are no longer just for formal wear. In the 19th century cufflinks became a fashion accessory, offering a bit of a customised style to a man’s wrist with any suit. Nowadays it’s perfectly fine to wear them for many different occasions, work or social.

In this Cufflink Guide, we are going to show you how a simple pair of cufflinks can take your outfit to the next level at work.

Cufflinks To Wear With A White Shirt

Because the colour white is neutral you can really experiment with colour and pattern when it comes to your cufflinks. You are not in a strict formal environment, so playing around with colour and pattern will work in your favour to keep your own personal style, and, to differentiate your look from the rest.

How to Match Cufflinks to White Work Shirts

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Never underestimate the power of a crisp white shirt and classic accessories. Our premium 100% Cotton White French Cuff Shirt with a little playful paisley detailing from Dapper Avenue is an essential item for any wardrobe.

White French Cuff Shirt

Cufflinks To Wear With A Blue Shirt

When you venture into colour with your work shirts, you can keep the colour pallet of your cufflinks the same as your shirt. For a blue shirt we suggest going for shades within the same colour - a cufflink that has a main colour of blue. Play with different shades to get that understated contrast. Otherwise if you'd like to be on the more conservative side, simply opt for neutrals like monochrome colours or classic silver.

How to Match Cufflinks to Blue Work Shirts

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When plain blue shirts get boring, opt for tone on tone stripes. Woven micro patterns and prints add an interesting visual effect to your business outfit without overdoing it. Pair cufflinks with shades of blue with our signature 100% Cotton Navy Pinstripe French Cuff Shirt from Dapper Avenue.

Cufflinks To Wear With A Pink Shirt

Again, with a coloured shirt you’d want to have a pair of cufflinks that work within the same colour pallet as your shirt. However, when it comes to colours such as pink, it can be difficult to get a pair of cufflinks that aren’t too gaudy that you wouldn't want to wear them to work.

You can go for a multi coloured pair of cufflinks or a classic silver pair with a twist as this will allow you to keep it subtle, yet have that small pop of colour or detail in there if you want it.

How to Match Cufflinks to Pink Work Shirts

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Cufflinks To Wear With A Black Shirt

A Black Shirt works well with almost all colours of cufflinks, but Gold cufflinks work best with black shirts and suits. Glam up your full black ensemble with either a full gold pair of cufflinks or cufflinks with highlights of gold.

How to Match Cufflinks to Black Work Shirts

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Cufflinks To Wear With A Patterned Shirt

Feeling adventurous on Friday? When done right, patterned pieces take your work ensemble up another level. Pair your patterned shirt with a single coloured cufflink, preferably in silver, to avoid overdoing it. Classic Silver goes with virtually any coloured and printed shirt.

How to Match Cufflinks to Patterned Work Shirts


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