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Fall + Winter Wedding Style and Invitations to Match

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With the first official week of summer under our trendy belts and a fully booked summer packed with weddings, receptions, and good times ahead let’s switch gears for a moment to chat fall and winter wedding styles.

When it comes to fashion and weddings – specifically wedding party attire, it’s super important to plan ahead. Not only do you want to be ahead of the curve you also want to keep in mind the importance of timelines and deadlines. So, now is a good time to take inventory of last year’s looks and get an idea of what you might need in order to update your wardrobe. 

Whether you’re a groom, guest, or father of the bride here are a few ideas to help inspire the upcoming fall and winter wedding months so you can close out the 2018 wedding season in style. We’ve also partnered with online stationery company, Basic Invite, to round out these fall and winter themed trends with rustic fall and winter wonderland wedding invitations to match.


Rustic Chic

The perfect look for an end of summer or early autumn wedding when the sunsets are extra warm and the special day you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here! Think suspenders, earthy color schemes, and loafers that don’t require socks.


Wedding Invitation Inspiration: Wood Wedding Invitations

Real cherry wood veneer pressure mounted on heavyweight cardstock for a unique triple thick feel. Each invitation is stamped with bright white ink and contains one-of-a-kind wood grain texture with knots, coloring, and imperfections in tact.


Vintage Vibes

When the days are getting shorter and the nights a bit darker it’s a good time to break out those vintage vibes. Roll up your button down and pair it with a wool vest, incorporate accessories like newsboy caps for the groomsman, and keep your color choices dark and edgy.


Wedding Invitation inspiration: Typography Wedding Invitations

Using typography to capture a certain style is a simple way to pair your vintage wedding with vintage wedding invitations. Pass on the color here and instead keep it old school with a black and white color scheme.


Winter Formal

Guys, its tuxedo time! A classic, formal, and timeless look perfect for a winter wedding. Pair your tux with a peacoat and get yourself a fancy pair of cufflinks. A shaven face and slicked back hair will go a long way! These are both simple tricks that will complete your winter formal look.


Wedding Invitation Inspiration: Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations

Choose from gold, silver, or rose gold foil in either a flat or raised style to add a bit of glitz and glam to your formal wedding invitations. Silver and gold foil are both especially good picks as they will add a touch of holiday charm to your invites.


Summer is full of bright colors, trendy patterns, and a bit of wiggle room when it comes to traditional fashion trends. With that said, fall and winter are reserved for the more formal side of things - the standard black and white tuxedo, a classic Windsor knot, and all the typical accessories that bring sophistication to the forefront including your groom approved wedding invitations.

If you are looking for more wedding invite inspirations, head over to Basic Invite and enjoy their code 15FF51 at checkout for 15% off everything.


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