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How to Choose the Right Tie for Your Shirt Collar

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When an occasion calls for a formal or dressy outfit, there are plenty of styles to consider. Should you wear a suit, a tux, or a button-up shirt with slacks? Even after the formality of your outfit is decided, there are still many more choices to make.

From colors to style, it can be easy to overlook the important details, like how to choose the right tie for your shirt collar. Accessories like this can make or break and outfit. At the Little Link, we want to make sure you make all the right decisions when it comes to men’s fashion trends. We’ve gathered all the details on how to choose the right tie for your shirt collar.


The Collar: Button-down

The Tie: None (or bowtie)

A perk of choosing this more casual shirt style is that you can still look classy while keeping it casual. This type of shirt is great under a casual sport coat or just tucked into a nice pair of slacks. If you need to dress it up a bit, add a unique bowtie. There are many options that will portray an individual style without looking overdone. This duo can be a great option for a first date outfit, as long as it’s not a formal outing.  

Button Down Collar


The Collar: Forward Point

The Tie: Classic Necktie or Bolo Tie

As far as tradition goes, the forward point collar is the go-to option. While it’s not as popular as the classic collar, it’s certainly something every man should add to his wardrobe. A classic necktie is the optimal choice for this collar because the narrow opening doesn’t allow for bowties to sit properly. You could even be specific with your knot for this shirt collar. Our advice would be to stick to a four-in-hand knot – a long, narrow knot. That way, the knot doesn’t spread your collar too far.

How to Choose the Right tie for your shirt collar

Forward point collars

While bolo ties aren’t the most popular tie trend this season, feel free to broaden your fashion horizons. The forward point collar allows the bolo tie to stand out and sit flat without having too much space to swing around. Even if you choose not to wear a bolo tie day-to-day, you can rest assured you’ll choose the right collar for your next costume party.

How to Choose the Right tie for your shirt collar

The Collar: Classic

The Tie: Any

This classic collar allows for great flexibility in choosing the right tie and is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. The medium-width distance between points leaves enough space for a bowtie without risk of it being pushed forward. The tips of the collar will still show under the bowtie, which is a great way to add symmetry to your look.

If you choose a necktie instead, we suggest a half Windsor knot so that the end of the knot perfectly fills the collar opening without being overbearing. This knot is not quite as large as the well-known Windsor knot, and allows the rest of the look to make a statement as well.

Half Windsor Knot

Depending on the occasion, it’s perfectly acceptable to go tieless with this collar choice. Traditionally, this fashion trend would not have been accepted. Many people would say that a dress shirt requires a nice tie. That said, we say go for it! If you’d still like to come off polished, button all the way up.

Cutaway Collar

The Collar: Cutaway

The Tie: Bowtie

If bowties are your favorite fashion statement, it’s probably a good idea to fill your closet with a variety of shirts with cutaway collars. These collars are cut to leave room for a bowtie to show off. There’s no worry about the collar pushing the tie forward and wrinkling it or making it look lopsided. Even if you prefer a traditional necktie, this collar allows for unique knots like the Windsor knot. This tie-tying technique makes for a very wide knot at the top, which allows your tie choice to shine. 

Cutaway Collar

Choosing the right tie for your shirt collar might seem like a simple task, but it’s easy to let one choice fall short if you’re not careful. Let your style shine through by choosing a shirt collar that showcases your tie, rather than hiding it. With help from the Little Link, you’ll be able to find the perfect tie for every occasion!


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