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Top Gifts for Father's Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, so don’t wait to jump on these creative gift ideas! Your husband with surely appreciate these thoughtful gifts more than a pair of socks or new leather belt. 
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The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide 2016

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This Father's Day, thank the man who has always been your hero.

With gift ideas from the sensational to the sensible, we've put together all the best tips to get Dad smiling this June.


Whether your father’s an armchair explorer, a frequent flyer, or a fan of the open road, there's no doubt he still has that wild streak in him. Satisfy his wanderlust with our Traveler Dad picks!

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for the Traveler Dad

Clockwise from Top:
1. Moleskine Lineage Taupe Leather Card Wallet 2. Moleskine Classic Leather Utility Bag
3. Life's Directions Cufflinks (Black) 4. Vintage Maps Cufflinks 5. Custom Photo Cufflinks
6. Moleskine Soft Cover Notebook (Blue) 7. Alpha Money Clip 8. Eagle Lapel Pin (Gold) 


For the active Dad who's never on the sidelines. 
Unleash his inner athlete and fuel his passion with these sporty gifts!

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for the Sports Dad

Clockwise from Top:
1. Moleskine Leather Lineage Wallet (Black) 2. Doubles Cufflinks 3. Ping Pong Cufflinks 4. Tieclip Jose 5. Biker Boy Cufflinks 6. Soccer Field Cufflinks 


So you can't buy Dad an actual car this time round, but you certainly can get him something connect to the wonderful world of automobiles. Our gifts are much easier to wrap too.

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for the Automobile Fan Dad

Clockwise from Top:
1. Moleskine Lineage Leather Card Wallet (Avio Blue) 2. Tractor Cufflinks 3. Motorbike Cufflinks 4. Red Ride Cufflinks 5. Colton Bowtie & Pocket Square Box Set 6. Tieclip Samuel 7. Top Gear Cufflinks 8. Mercedes Benz Logo Cufflinks 9. BMW Logo Cufflinks


Appeal to their left-brained nature while looking for gifts for your engineer Dad. It's not rocket science! Find a gift that challenges him and you've got yourself a winner.

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for the Engineer Dad

Clockwise from Top:
1. Compass & Protractor Cufflinks 2. Eternity Black Tie 3. Watch Movement George Cufflinks 4. Handyman Cufflinks 5. Moleskine Messenger Bag 6. Watch Movement Sophie Cufflinks 7. Watch Movement David Cufflinks


Dad's probably got every possible collectible from the movie. But, don't go into meltdown mode so soon, we've got a ton of awesome gifts that he probably hasn't got his hands on yet. Keep calm and shop on - the force is with you.

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for the Star Wars Fan Dad

Clockwise from Top:
1. Storm Trooper Cufflinks  2. Moleskine Journey Hard Tablet Pouch 3. Storm Trooper Silver Cufflinks 4. Starburst Cufflinks 5. Darth Vader Cufflinks 6. Moleskine Limited Edition Yoda Notebook 7. Galactic Empire Cufflinks


Show the tech-savvy Dad he is TOPS with a Father's Day gift that echoes his enthusiasm to all things gadget-y. Here are some gifts that should tickle his high-tech fancy.

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for the Techie Dad

Clockwise from Top:
1. Escape Control Cufflinks 2.Tetris Cufflinks 3. Moleskine Small Backpack 4. Parker Tie 5. Geek Tiepin 6. iPhone Cufflinks 7. QR Code Cufflinks 


From budding auteurs to veteran movie critics - Your movie buff Dad will be wowed by the great gift ideas in our selection. 

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for the Movie Buff Dad

Clockwise from Top:
1. Batman Cufflinks (Silver) 2. Moleskine Lineage Leather Wallet (Avio Blue) 3. Spidey Money Clip 4. Moleskine Limited Edition Game of Thrones Notebook (Black) 5. Christine Pastel Bowtie 6. Thor Cufflinks 7. Red Autobot Cufflinks 8. Superman Black Cufflinks 9. Captain America Cufflinks


We've got to admit it, everyone has a hipster Dad. He's probably cooler than you ever were back in those days. So grab these stylish gifts to keep him looking dapper and well groomed.   

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for the Hipster Dad

Clockwise from Top:
1. Heather Crystal Bowtie 2. Retro Radio Cufflinks 3. Guitar Hero Cufflinks 4. Tuxedo Studs Owens 5. Father's Love Cufflinks 6. Thomas Tie


So which of these best describes your Dad? Let us know! Also, don't forget you can shop for over 1,000 more designs on Cufflinks and Men's Accessories at

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