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Your Countdown Style Guide - What to Wear on New Year's Eve

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New Year’s Eve is the best night of the year for a party. Whether you’re down at the pub with your buddies, or in town for the fireworks, what you wear on New Year’s Eve is extremely important to set your mood for the night. Although your outfit will depend largely on what you’re doing, this article will help you with styling the right accessories to your outfit.  
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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Presents for Every Personality Type

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Choosing the right Christmas gift for a man can seem like an impossible task. Especially when it seems like they have everything they want already. If you've got a guy that's tough to buy for don't be stressed out. Consider this list your one stop holiday shopping guide.

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Style Guide 101: Cufflinks for the Perfect Look!

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The Ultimate Wedding Style Guide

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Like most dress codes these days, the rules at weddings have gone slack. You have the license to dress with more personal style than ever, as long as you really bring your best self. We’ll show you how to overhaul your tux look from the color to the collar, and how to match your suit with the perfect accessories that'll have your bride (or bridesmaids) batting their eyes at you.

Presenting the wedding style guide for your different personality quirks.


Turn on your charm woo your special lady on your big day. Show off your love with accents of red and wear your heart on your sleeves with our special wedding cufflinks.

Red Wedding Cufflinks and Men's Accessories

Shop (left to right): I Love My Wife Cufflinks, Double Happiness Cufflinks, Landon Bowtie & Pocket Square, Silver Collar Stay, I Love You Cufflinks, Xander Silk Tie


Express your unique style and let your personality shine through on your big day. Creative people are usually rebels and do not play by the rules. For the artist - put your own stamp on your wedding!

Wedding Cufflinks and Men's Accessories for the Artist

Shop (left to right): White Crayon Cufflinks, Do-Re-Me Cufflinks, Fountain Pen Cufflinks, Piano Keys (White), The Writer Cufflinks, Zachery Crystal Bowtie


With a keen eye to details and the fascination with gears and mechanics, you would probably opt for a basic coloured suit and pair it with accessories that absolutely scream your passion. Take your pick from our awesome collection of nuts and bolts to style your wedding attire.


Planning to pull the most shocking wedding march in for your big day? Intensify the thrill by matching your leather jacket with our pick of accessories.

Wedding Cufflinks and Accessories for the Thrill Seeker

Shop (left to right): Motor Bike Cufflinks, Fighter Jet Cufflinks, Silver F1 Racer, Jaxson Tie, Snowboarder Cufflinks, Pistol Cufflinks, Bicycle Lapel Pin


You love to travel, but a wedding on an island oasis or a French chateau may not be in the cards. The next best thing? A day filled with travel-inspired touches! Take your pick from our travel themed collection.

Wedding Cufflinks and Men's Accessories for the Travel Bug

Shop (left to right): Moleskine Classic Leather Backpack, Ship Ahoy Cufflinks, Sky's the Limit Cufflinks, Sunnies Cufflinks, Tropics Cufflinks, Life's Directions Cufflinks, Wachterlein RFID Blocking Wallet, Silver Money Clip, Custom Photo Cufflinks

With over 1,000 cufflinks and accessories designs available, there is definitely a perfect match for every wedding theme and every personality. Shop The Little Link now!

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Men's Style Tips - An Introduction to Colour

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Most men’s eyes tend to glaze over and go vague whenever someone starts talking about hues and shades and complementary colors.

An understanding of color is a fundamental part of dressing well.  It makes the difference between trying on dozens of different pieces of clothing and wondering if they’re going to go with your wardrobe back home and picking one well-suited piece with confidence.

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