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Choosing Cufflinks Of The Right Material For Any Occasion

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Cufflinks are an essential part of any modern man’s wardrobe. However with a wide array of styles on the market, it may be difficult to know which is the perfect set for your dress ensemble.

Choosing the Right Cufflinks for Every Occasion

The beauty of cufflinks is that when they are worn right, they can either be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This makes them suitable for use at the office, weddings, dinners, formal events and even informal outings.

The material of the cufflink is the primary determinant of its formality. Gold, Silver, and Platinum are favorites, and a man should own at least one pair of each to cater to every occasion he may encounter in time to come.

Read on for our tips for choosing cufflinks in the right material for each occasion.


Invest in a few pairs made from more luxurious materials, like crystals or precious stones, so you are able to conform to more sophisticated dress requirements, such as white tie events. Complete the look with the ultra formal Raphael Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set.

Mens Cufflinks and Accessories for Formal OccasionsShop: 1. Raphael Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set, 2. Cat Eye Cufflinks 3. Diamonds in the Sky Cufflinks, 4. Dependable Cufflinks 


Attending a wedding or tying the knot? Simple and classy designs made from gold or silver are your best bet to look polished and suave on this special day. For the groom, impress the bride by wearing her initials on your sleeves! Read our Wedding Blog for more groom styling tips on your big day.

Mens Cufflinks and Accessories for WeddingsShop: 1. Jeanette Customised Cufflinks, 2. Love Links Cufflinks 3. Royal White Lapel Rose Boutonniere, 4. Made in Heaven Cufflinks 


Wear cufflinks of interesting materials, such as leather, wood or industrial metal to informal events. Adding a twist to the usual cufflinks makes them perfect for revealing that winning personality of yours, and add a little sparkle to your ensemble.

Mens Cufflinks and Accessories for Casual EventsShop: 1. Brown Roped In Cufflinks, 2. Wood Tic Tac Toe Cufflinks 3. Exposed Gear Cufflinks by Blue Pendulum , 4. Netstone Bead Bracelet 


Designs made from titanium, enamel or glass are versatile, durable and can be worn to the office on a daily basis. They are also classy and presentable enough for business meetings and sales presentations without looking too over the top.

Mens Cufflinks and Accessories for WorkShop: 1. Mosaic Black Cufflinks, 2. Bryden Grey Stripe Tie 3. Black Onyx Cufflinks, 4. Black Laser Cufflinks 


This elegant pairing of Rose Gold cufflinks or Pearl cufflinks with your dinner party suit is a surefire way to garner all the attention you deserve at the next fancy dinner party. Apart from adding a touch of luxury, it also takes your ensemble up another level.


Mens Cufflinks and Accessories for Dinner Parties

Shop: 1. Mermaid Scale Pearl Cufflinks, 2. Rose Gold Wooden Cufflinks 3. Evangeline Crystal Bow Tie, 4. Rose Gold Watch Movement Keton Cufflinks 


A general rule of thumb is that classic and simple cufflinks should always be worn in more formal or professional occasions, while you can experiment with shapes and textures at less formal occasions like a holiday office party.

Learn about the different types of cufflinks with our Ultimate Cufflink Guide! If you feel you're ready to level up your wardrobe, shop our collection with over 1,000 cufflink designs now.


Image Source: IndoChino Blog

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Your Countdown Style Guide - What to Wear on New Year's Eve

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New Year’s Eve is the best night of the year for a party. Whether you’re down at the pub with your buddies, or in town for the fireworks, what you wear on New Year’s Eve is extremely important to set your mood for the night. Although your outfit will depend largely on what you’re doing, this article will help you with styling the right accessories to your outfit.  
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Cufflink Guide 101 - Matching Cufflinks to the Colour of Your Work Shirts

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It can be hard to know how to wear cufflinks, especially when they’re seen as accessories for more formal occasions, but with this simple guide you’ll see they’re easier to wear than you’d think. 

Cufflinks are no longer just for formal wear. In the 19th century cufflinks became a fashion accessory, offering a bit of a customised style to a man’s wrist with any suit. Nowadays it’s perfectly fine to wear them for many different occasions, work or social.

In this Cufflink Guide, we are going to show you how a simple pair of cufflinks can take your outfit to the next level at work.


Because the colour white is neutral you can really experiment with colour and pattern when it comes to your cufflinks. You are not in a strict formal environment, so playing around with colour and pattern will work in your favour to keep your own personal style, and, to differentiate your look from the rest.

How to Match Cufflinks to White Work Shirts

Shop (clockwise): Sky's the Limit Cufflinks, Rosewood Cufflinks, Blue Laser Cufflinks, Kamehameha Cufflinks, Mosaic Black Cufflinks, Watch Movement Remo Cufflinks

Never underestimate the power of a crisp white shirt and classic accessories. Our premium 100% Cotton White French Cuff Shirt with a little playful paisley detailing from Dapper Avenue is an essential item for any wardrobe.

White French Cuff Shirt


When you venture into colour with your work shirts, you can keep the colour pallet of your cufflinks the same as your shirt. For a blue shirt we suggest going for shades within the same colour - a cufflink that has a main colour of blue. Play with different shades to get that understated contrast. Otherwise if you'd like to be on the more conservative side, simply opt for neutrals like monochrome colours or classic silver.

How to Match Cufflinks to Blue Work Shirts

Shop (clockwise): Blue Circuit Cufflinks, Boy Scouts Cufflinks, Blue Croc Cufflinks, Sailboat Cufflinks, Keep It Going Cufflinks, Blue Spring Cufflinks

When plain blue shirts get boring, opt for tone on tone stripes. Woven micro patterns and prints add an interesting visual effect to your business outfit without overdoing it. Pair cufflinks with shades of blue with our signature 100% Cotton Navy Pinstripe French Cuff Shirt from Dapper Avenue.


Again, with a coloured shirt you’d want to have a pair of cufflinks that work within the same colour pallet as your shirt. However, when it comes to colours such as pink, it can be difficult to get a pair of cufflinks that aren’t too gaudy that you wouldn't want to wear them to work.

You can go for a multi coloured pair of cufflinks or a classic silver pair with a twist as this will allow you to keep it subtle, yet have that small pop of colour or detail in there if you want it.

How to Match Cufflinks to Pink Work Shirts

Shop (clockwise): Missing You Cufflinks, Pink Laser Cufflinks, Seashell Cufflinks, Hive Cufflinks, Hitched Cufflinks, Hourglass White Cufflinks


A Black Shirt works well with almost all colours of cufflinks, but Gold cufflinks work best with black shirts and suits. Glam up your full black ensemble with either a full gold pair of cufflinks or cufflinks with highlights of gold.

How to Match Cufflinks to Black Work Shirts

Shop (clockwise): Interlocked Cufflinks, Rose Gold CufflinksWatch Movement Grant Cufflinks, Captain Haddock's Anchor Gold Cufflinks, Bullet Cufflinks, Watch Movement Adam Cufflinks


Feeling adventurous on Friday? When done right, patterned pieces take your work ensemble up another level. Pair your patterned shirt with a single coloured cufflink, preferably in silver, to avoid overdoing it. Classic Silver goes with virtually any coloured and printed shirt.

How to Match Cufflinks to Patterned Work Shirts

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A Guide to French Cuffs & Cufflinks

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A Guide to Men's French Cuff Shirts and Cufflinks
For some guys, it was fumbling through a sweaty, anxious prom night. Some late bloomers even wait until their wedding day. Whenever you had your first experience, you probably cherish the memory as a meaningful step towards becoming a man. Of course, we are talking about the first time you put on a pair of cufflinks.

Cufflinks stand out and shine on their own even when you try to hide them. But how do you find the links that match your style? In the words of ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus “Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” Are you The Boss, The Manager, The Creative or The Upstart? We’ve complied the best cufflinks for each personality.


You belong to a new breed of entrepreneurs, young, ambitious, and cutting-edge, yet always mindful of the old-school fundamentals of success…like good old-fashioned hard work. Your style reflects your hard-charging attitude. When you walk into a room in a fine suit and place your briefcase on the desk, revealing an elegant pair of cufflinks everybody knows you’re running things.

Cufflinks for the Boss

Shop 1. Emerald Cufflinks 2. Watch Movement Keton Cufflinks 3. Alphabet Initials Cufflinks (Cursive)4.Woodstruck Cufflinks 5. Blue Blooms Cufflinks

Your Cufflink Collection

As the boss, you can wear a French cuff shirt and cufflinks whenever you damn well please. Our suggestion?  Have at least five pair of links and five French cuff shirts. That’ll get you through a work week without ever dipping below the high bar you set for yourself when you show up on Monday looking fly as hell.

How to Wear Them
The key word is refinement. Nothing says nouveau riche more than a pair of overly flashy cufflinks. Look for understated handcrafted links that reflect your “I got this” personality. Hefty metal cufflinks are just what the doctor ordered.

Shopping Tip

On your best links, both sides are designed. You don’t do anything half-ass, so don’t do anything half-wrist either. Watch movement cufflinks, with mechanical movement, can add a nice touch to your collection. 


As a middle manager you are the conduit between the top brass and the less experienced young’uns. Perhaps you always deal with the tougher customers or you’re just really good at juggling an ever-shifting landscape of priorities. Your style echoes your personality, so when you rock the French cuffs and the cufflinks, it’s not about putting on airs but about showing a little spirit. For you, wearing a pair of cufflinks says, “I’m not to be trifled with…” Wearing the right pair of cufflinks says, “…but I do enjoy a good joke.”

Cufflinks for the Manager

Shop 1. Humming Bird Cufflinks 2. Interlocked Cufflinks 3. Bulls Eye Cufflinks 4. Banging Good Times Cufflinks 5. Blue Rain Cufflinks

Your Cufflink Collection

Two or three pairs of cufflinks and French cuff shirts are sufficient. Wear them everyday and you begin to look like a social climber. Wear them only for special occasions and they begin to seem too precious. Instead, break these bad boys out a few times a month and they’ll give you a little lift that’ll rub off on everyone around you.

How to Wear Them?

The contrast in your French cuff shirt collection should match your intensity. While a stark white shirt is failsafe, a contrast collar and cuffs would be a bit much for Tuesday’s operations meeting. Try a blue or pink shirt to tone down the overall effect.

Shopping Tip

Look for color. With a neutral palette, a pair of cufflinks with a color that is in the same family as your pocket square or tie, or even socks can bring some boldness and vitality to an otherwise low intensity outfit. 


You express yourself through writing or design or some other creative field. Your job is to capture lightning in a bottle, over and over again. But as glamorous as it may sound, being a creative is hard work and takes practice, just like anything else. You must constantly remind people that you don’t just sit around drawing pictures all day, so your style must reflect professionalism. Still, your personal brand means you should express your creativity in everything you do.

Cufflinks for the Creative Guy

Shop 1. Red Vespa Cufflinks 2. Director Cufflinks 3. Espresso Cufflinks 4. White Crayon Cufflinks 5. Scissorhands Cufflinks

Your Cufflink Collection

If you never wore one French cuff shirt in your life, nobody would be surprised. All the more reason to own at least one. Truly creative people are full of surprises and breaking the mould with your style is no different. Your cufflinks are like sunny days, wear them often enough to be appreciated, but not so much that people start to take them for granted. 

How to wear them

Want an easy way to appear unoriginal? Wear the same and French cuff shirt and cufflinks over and over again. 

Shopping Tip

Tone down the irony. Cufflinks as satire is a once-in-a-while move, not a sartorial standard. Your cufflinks can be fun but they should never look like you’re wearing them to make fun of guys who wear cufflinks.


You, young man, are on the rise. You’ve got big dreams and a tiny apartment. Maybe you’re interning at a place you want to work at or own someday. An intern in French cuffs? Hell yes! You’ve noticed how the big dogs around the office are peepin’ your style and you want to make your mark.

Cufflinks for the Upstart

Shop 1. Firetruck Cufflinks 2. Storm Trooper Cufflinks 3. Boy Scouts Cufflinks 4. Thor Cufflinks 5. Crosswords Cufflinks

Your Cufflink Collection
It may seem counterintuitive but wearing cufflinks more often will make it seem like less of a special occasion when you put them on. Now is the time to pick up a few French cuff shirts. Try mixing French cuffs into your routine once or twice a month. Three or four pairs of fun cufflinks and one pair of classic links for formal events should serve you well.

How to wear them

Appropriate is the key word for you. Your sense of style ought to impress the boss, not upstage him. Your cufflinks should reflect your youthful exuberance with pops of color. Try convertible cuffed shirts with barrel cuff buttons and buttonholes on both sides (think single layered French cuff) that also allow for cufflinks.

Shopping tip

Even on an intern budget you can pick up novelty cufflinks by the handful. With so many color combinations and designs you can garner attention from your bosses without appearing like you’re trying too hard.


Now that you know the rules of the cufflink game for any type of gent, go ahead and make your own rules. Pick a pair of cufflinks you love, snag them and rock ’em. Choose from over 1,000 designs at 


Author: The Black Lapel

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The Ultimate Guide to Cufflinks

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The Ultimate Guide to Cufflinks

Cufflinks Rock!  Think about it – when else can a man wear a piece of jewellery that’s both functional and ornamental? You’re missing out if you’ve never tried them.

Cufflinks might be traditionally associated with men’s semiformal evening wear (the tuxedo ensemble), but these versatile little fasteners can fill a surprising range of wardrobe roles.


Watch Movement Cufflinks and Cufflink Box

(L) to (R): Large Cufflink Gift Box (4 Pair) , Watch Movement Michael, Watch Movement David

Cufflinks are tools for fastening shirt cuffs and keeping them closed. They’re an alternative to the buttons that are commonly sewn onto shirt cuffs. The defining feature is that cufflinks are separate objects: they are fully removable and interchangeable.

Cufflinks come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. They usually offer a little more contrast than a button, and are considered a more ornamental option, but they’re not inherently more or less formal. 


Parts of a Cufflink

A cufflink fastens a shirt by sliding through holes on either side of the cuff opening, then swinging into a locked or fixed position to hold the sides together.

The most common cufflink is as the picture above.

How to Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks are fastened by setting the toggle in its closed position, so that there is a straight post descending from the underside of the head.

The post slides through the holes on both sides of the cuffs, and then the toggle is swung outward to prevent the post from sliding back out.

That holds the cufflink in place, with the front face of the insert member placed decoratively atop the buttonholes.


There are dozens of variations on the basic theme of the hinged cufflink, and several other mechanical alternatives as well. Here are some of the most common types of cufflinks:

Types of Cufflinks

Top to Bottom: Captain Haddock Cufflinks, Watch Movement Stuart, Black Button Cufflinks, Cufflink Chain, Dragon Cufflinks

Watch the video below to learn about the different types of cufflinks and how to wear them in less than a minute!



The most recognisable role for cufflinks is as the formal and semiformal alternative to buttons. If you’re wearing a suit with a white tie or black tie outfit properly, it will have links at the cuffs (and often studs instead of buttons on the shirtfront as well).

That’s hardly the extent of their wardrobe functionality, however. Shirts ranging from plain white business dress to colourful and casual options come with French cuffs, or with single cuffs with holes on each side rather than a button and a buttonhole. Furthermore, tailors can easily convert any shirt with a basic button-and-buttonhole arrangement into one that takes cufflinks, simply by removing the button and inserting a small buttonhole in its place.

That means you can – if you want to – wear cufflinks with everything from your best business shirt to a ratty flannel work shirt. And yes, some people are doing the latter – never underestimate the contemporary hipster’s love for mixing high fashion with low.

Practically speaking, most men will wear cufflinks in business and relatively formal social settings, as an accent to a suit-and-tie ensemble. That said, more relaxed links are perfectly acceptable with a sports jacket, and can add an air of playfulness that simple buttons don’t provide.

There are no hard and fast rules. The only limits are your collection of suitable shirts – and, of course, your budget.


What are you still waiting for? Shop today for your pair now!



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