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The Tie Edition : All you Need to Know and More

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According to Wikipedia, a necktie, or simply a tie, is a long piece of cloth, worn usually by men, for decorative purposes around the neck, resting under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat.

We know that not all men are alike and your choice of colours and styles differ. It may seem like a small thing, but a tie does wonders to a man's wardrobe - be it for the office or an evening affair. This small piece of fabric adds texture and character to one's outfit and completes your whole look.

Since we're such big fans of the hit US television show Suits and we're really looking forward to Season 7 Part B starting on the 28th of March, we thought it would be a great idea to show you the different characters and (what we think would be) their tie preferences. Read on, you'll be surprised to find out you're probably one or the other.

1. The Prince Charming - Mike Ross

He is the youngest male member of the team.  Coming from a tainted past doesn't deter him from getting what he wants.  Armed with intelligence and a quick wit, he charms his way through any case and the woman of his dreams (in this case it's Rachel Zane, played by actress and soon-to-be royalty, Meghan Markle).  Mike Ross is your average young male with an edgier look. He opts for skinny and standard ties in rich patterns and colours such as blood red and navy stripes.

Mike Ross

Shop (clockwise from top) : Axis Silk TieJavon Skinny TieChristopher Striped Tie

2. The Big Shot - Harvey Specter

He's extremely confident and as well as extremely successful. Harvey Specter has won almost all his cases- he knows he's one of the best lawyers around.  A go-getter and knows what he wants.  He dresses impeccably and his taste veers towards the classics- which is evident in his love for vinyls and vintage cars. He's a black-tie kind of guy but he looks equally dashing in a classic striped piece.

Harvey Specter


Shop (clockwise from top) : Caleb Double Bow Tie,  Felix Tie,  Eliott Tie

3. The Urban Male - Louis Litt

He defies the typical male stereotype simply because he's in touch with his emotional side.  He's equally passionate about law as he is about a Shakespeare play or perhaps beautiful architecture.  He’s not the norm which is a refreshing reminder to the younger generation not to conform and work hard at being good at whatever you want to be.  Louis is more of a standard tie user, but he looks great wearing purple or pastels as well as bold prints and patternsLouis Litt

Shop (clockwise from top) : Silas Pink TieAustin Silk TieRadley Purple Silk Tie

So do tell, which Suits character are you?  You'll be glad to know we've got you covered now matter what.

Tie Tips

If you ask around for tie tips and you'll get a ton of information on it.  We’re giving you only the most important pointers to get you on your way to "tie perfection".

  • Four-in-hand Knot - If there is a knot that you must remember, it should be this. Oh and you must embrace the tie-dimple.  Don't know what that is? Well, the good folks at GQ show us how it's done.

  • Length Matters - stylists say that the tip of your tie must hit below the belt line to give you that classic, polished look.
  • Black Tie - Always have a black tie handy. No matter what the occasion, it's always a YES in our books. Shop black ties here.
  • Tie Clips - Remember one rule of thumb : it goes between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt. And it must be fastened to the placket of your shirt. We offer a wide range of tie clips for you to choose from here

Now that you know all these, take a look at your wardrobe and determine what colours complement it and your personality.  Now's the best time to build up your tie collection because we're giving you 15% OFF every purchase of 2 neckties or bow ties this month of March just use code TIE15 upon checkout.  Click here to shop TIES.


* Image and Video Credits : Suits cast images taken from USA Network;  Video via GQ.

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5 Romantic Destinations For A Valentine's Vacation

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Running out of ideas on how to spend Valentine's day this year? Here are the 5 most romantic destinations we've picked that are perfect for that special getaway.

Now that we've settled on the venue, here comes the important part - the dress code.

Stumped over what to wear? Here's a simple style guide to help you pack (you’re welcome). 


A palazzi of infinite pastel shades reflected in quiet canals, and the soft splash of a gondola plying a watery backstreet: there's really no competition. For romance, Venice is the perfect backdrop.

Valentine's Day in Venice


In these less formal moments, aim for a perfect balanced silhouette with a crisp white shirt and cropped black pants. Add a hint of flamboyance with standout accessories, this look takes you seamlessly from exploration during the day time to a night at the bar.

Valentine's Day Men's Style Guide - Venice

Shop (clockwise): Fa La La Music Notes CufflinksMechanical Watch Gear Necklace, Silver Top Hat Collar Bar, Silver Humming Bird Lapel Pin, Rose Gold Cufflinks


Stunning white-sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, unparalleled snorkeling, gorgeous rustic-chic villas over the water or on the sand, and fine dining. What's not to like? 

Valentine's Day in Maldives


Who says you can't dress up for a beach vacation? Opt for a smart casual outfit during a romantic candlelight dinner at that famous restaurant under the sea. Tempting as it is because of the warm weather, flip flops are an absolute no go for your special dinner.

Valentine's Day Men's Style Guide - Maldives

Shop (clockwise): Fremont Stripe Pocket Square, Engraved Classic Silver Money Clip, Bagsmart Everyday Rucksack Blue, Shinto Gothic Steampunk Gray Sunglasses


New York certainly doesn't lack gorgeous places to wine and dine. But what's really romantic is NYC's really beautiful, simple treasures. From the classic attractions, like the view from the Empire State Building, to lesser-known delights such as the Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History, we're sure it'll set your heart aflutter.

Valentine's Day in New York City


Dress like a New Yorker with clean lines and a slim cut silhouette. Layering is essential, especially during the winter or early spring where temperatures can be sub-zero. Add final touches of sharp and sleek accessories to complete the look.

Valentine's Day Men's Style Guide - NYC

Shop (clockwise): Bagsmart 2-in-1 Convertible Briefcase Backpack Black, Glynn Black on Black Stripe Tie, Gold Feather Collar Pin, Watch Movement Kenny Cufflinks in Gunmetal


Greece and romance may as well be synonymous. Whether you are looking for an ideal honeymoon destination or just a romantic escape, the beauty and diversity of the Greek landscape forms the most romantic backdrop to celebrate your love.

Valentine's Day in Santorini, Greece


Santorini is extremely stylish, but don’t go bling, think elegant and sophisticated. Bold bright colours look stunning against the white-washed surfaces.  Crisp white shirts, and tailored pants are de rigueur. The people here have an eye for fashion, the key is to look like you’ve just stepped off your million pound yacht.

Valentine's Day Men's Style Guide - Greece

Shop (clockwise): Brown and Green Lapel Rose Boutonniere, White Howlite Bead Bracelet, Devil's Fruit Cufflinks Silver, Omi Wine Red Pocket Square, Wood Four Leaf Clover Cufflinks


Iceland easily conjures up romantic notions of remote landscapes covered in snow in winter or steaming underground pools surrounded by cave formations. Whatever your romantic fantasy, Iceland has many great options for the perfect getaway.

Valentine's Day in Iceland


Iceland is the new place to be, with its thriving city of Reykjavik, it’s fast becoming a bustling city where culture and style come together to the sound of Björk. Make sure you have all the essentials to make this holiday the best ever.

Valentine's Day Men's Style Guide - Iceland

Shop (clockwise): Lewis Colorful Striped Cotton Socks, Okra Bamboo Sunglasses Fire, Bagsmart Toiletry Bag Grey, Bellroy Notesleeve Wallet RFID Blocking Caramel


So go out and experience something different this Valentine's Day! If you're planning getting something for the man in your life during the trip, browse our full collection of cufflinks and man's accessories here.


Travel Images -,

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5 New Year Resolution Ideas And How To Achieve Them

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The New Year is nearing, and with the holiday season already upon us, here's your chance to sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes you want to make for 2018.

We’ve decided to give you a bit of help to kick start your New Year resolutions – because since the majority of people fail to stick to them, you’ll need all the help you can get.


A cluttered desk or a chaotic home will negatively affect your productivity and even your mood. Time to clear your clutter, organize your knick knacks and make it a habit.

Here are the best tools to whip things into place:

Get Organized with cufflink storage boxes and moleskine notebooks

Shop: 1. Leather Cufflinks Display Case (20 Pair), 2. Classic Black Moleskine Notebook, 3. Day to Night Cufflink and Tie Clip Combo  


There are times when we get mentally fatigued and our creativity goes out the window. This is particularly bad if your job or hobby depends on you coming up with fresh ideas and thinking outside the box. As with everything else, there are many different ways to re-ignite your creativity.

One way is to experiment with your style of dressing and creative accessorising:

Be More Creative with Your Dressing

Shop: 1. Jonah Bow Tie, 2. Pianist Cufflinks, 3. White Crayon Cufflinks, Shinto Gothic Steampunk Sunglasses Silver 


When we get stuck in a rut, we usually end up staying at home most of the time, missing out on a lot of interesting opportunities for networking and having fun. Meeting new people can be beneficial to your mental well-being and help your career, so don’t be afraid to get out there and make some friends. Overcome your shyness, embrace new perspectives and get to know new and interesting people.

Nail those first impressions and get those contacts with these essentials:

Socialise and network with the right cufflinks and accessories

Shop: 1. Echo Pocket Square, 2. Bellroy Card Sleeve Blue Steel 3. Mechanical Gear Cufflinks Olga, 4. Gold Feather Collar Pin


You’ll need to have your finances in order before you consider traveling across the globe, but there are ways of experiencing different cultures and visiting faraway places even on a tight budget. For instance seeking out short trips to uncommon destinations nearby may just do the trick.

Here's how to travel in style no matter which part of the world you are in.

travel in style with fashionable cufflinks and men's accesories

Shop: 1. Stift Custom Engraveable Pen Sapphire Blue, 2. Wachterlein Custom Engraveable RFID Blocking Leather Wallet, 3. Tropics Cufflinks, 4. Fighter Jet Cufflinks


Romance is often the first casualty in longer, more serious relationships, but it doesn’t have to wither away. A few romantic gestures here and there can keep the passion going for decades. It will be fun, even if you’re not the romantic type.

Start by impressing her with your new found dress sense and a dozen roses:

Impress your date with the right cufflinks and accessories

Shop: 1. Beige Lapel Rose, 2. Sodalite Beaded Bracelet by Blue Pendulum, 3. Peter Custom Engraved Cufflinks, Custom Engraved Silver Collar Stays


A New Year is like a blank notebook. You get to write anything you want in it. Fill the first page of your notebook with your New Year’s resolutions and make 2018 the best year ever.

Take the first step to feel better by dressing better. Shop now for a new look!

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Father's Day Gift Guide 2017: Presents For Every Personality Type

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It’s that time of the year to show that father figure in your life just how much you care with a stylish token of appreciation. When making him look good, it’s all about confidence and comfort.

We bring you the ultimate style guide for every Dad.


Does he have his eye on being on the management team? Level up his style by pairing his classic work shirtswith sleek and sharp accessories! Have him ace those boardroom battles with power dressing.

Cufflinks and Accessories for the Working Dad

Shop: 1. Canali Shirt, 2. Black Button Cufflinks, 3. Top Hat Eyelet Collar Bar (Silver), 4. Watch Movement Michael, 5. Tieclip Calvin, 6. Neil Purple Silk Tie


Age is just a number. Surprise the adrenaline junkie Dad with this season’s Grand Prix tickets and help him dress up for the event! Add interest to a smart casual blazer with our range of feisty automobile cufflinks.

Cufflinks and Accessories for the Adrenaline Junkie

Shop: 1. Etro Blazer, 2. Motorbike Cufflinks, 3. Gold Fleur-De-Lis Lapel Pin, 4. Happy Hour Cufflinks, 5. Arrow Pocket Square, 6. Dolce & Gabbana Loafers


We all heard that story before. How Dad got all the girls falling head over heels with his perfect guitar solo. Unleash his inner rocker with our Rockabilly inspired accessories and let him take centre stage this Father’s Day.

Cufflinks and Accessories for the Rocker Dad

Shop: 1. Watch Movement Remo, 2. Haider Ackermann Bomber Jacket, 3. Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet - Burnt Orange, 4. Skull Lapel Pin, 5. Guitar Hero Cufflinks


What do you get the Dad who has everything? When it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Gift him something thoughtful and personable that he can show it off at his next Black Tie Event.

Cufflinks and Accessories for the Posh Dad

Shop: 1. Praline Crystal Bow Tie, 2. Royal Red Lapel Rose, 3. Kendrick Pocket Square, 4. Tuxedo Studs Ray, 5. Cartier Ring, 6. Gucci Monk Strap Shoes


Take the hipster Dad out for brunch and style him colorful.  He probably can pull off the bold look effortlessly with our awesome range of novelty accessories!

Cufflinks and Accessories for the Hipster Dad

Shop: 1.Christine Pastel Bow Tie, 2. Leo Stripe Socks, 3. Papa Moustache Cufflinks, 4. Gold Crown Lapel Pin, 5. Alexander McQueen Backpack, 6. Rayban Aviators, 7. Vespa (Blue) Cufflinks


Surprise the gamer Dad with the perfect game inspired accessories this Father’s Day. Let him wear these nifty designs on his sleeves while he shows them off during Friday’s Boys Night Out!

Cufflinks and Accessories for the Gamer Dad

Shop: 1. Timex Watch, 2. Game Console Cufflinks, 3. Knight Shield Collar Pin, 4. Pacman & Ghost Cufflinks, 5. Moleskine ID Backpack - Black


For the man who loves languages doesn’t mean he’s always a nerd. Keep him up to date and in style with our unique and classic accessories that showcases his passion.

Cufflinks and Accessories for the Linguist Dad

Shop: 1. Fountain Pen Cufflinks 2. Monochrome Cotton Tie, 3. The Letter Cufflinks, 4. Thom Browne Clutch, 5. Moleskine Classic Black Notebook, 6. Engraved Stift Pen - Alumino


A true traveler wants things that are necessary, or chic. We’ve got both! Opt for something more personal and heartfelt with accessories that can be customized.

Cufflinks and Accessories for the Traveler Dad

Shop: 1. World Map Cufflinks, 2. Wächterlein Lunar Leather Wallet, 3. Moleskine Blue Soft Cover Notebooks, 4. Hummingbird Lapel Pin, 5. Silver Luggage Case


Simplicity never goes out of style so you can be sure that whatever accessories you buy for the minimalist Dad will not be forgotten. Help him match accessories that are evergreen to his everyday outfit. You can even add a blazer to enhance his smart casual look!

Cufflinks and Accessories for the Minimalist Dad

Shop: 1. Classic Knot Cufflinks, 2. Fenced Cufflinks, 3. Denis Guidone Watch, 4. Black Nudie Jeans, 5. Cadence Pocket Square, 6. Classic Gunmetal Money Clip, 7. Poodle Collar Pin


For the Dad who can’t stop moving. Enhance his sporty style with a pair of sports-themed cufflinks and accessories that fit his active lifestyle.

Cufflinks and Accessories for the Athlete Dad

Shop: 1. Givenchy Sneakers, 2. Bellroy High Slim Wallet - Teal, 3. Moleskine Classic Backpack - Sahara Brown, 4. Buckshot Cufflinks, 5. FitBit

Whether he's a hipster dad, a sports dad or a traveler dad, we've got the perfect gift just for him. Show him just how much you care this Father's Day and give him something memorable and unique.

Looking for something more? Read our Under S$100 Gift Guide for Dad for more awesome gift ideas.

If you’re feeling adventurous, we’ve over 1,000 designs for you to take your pick! Shop now on
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15 Dapper Father's Day Gifts Under S$100

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Dad has always been there for you. Throughout the years, he’s really given the whole parenting thing 110 percent. It’s no wonder you’re struggling to find something just right to surprise him on Father’s Day. 

We've handpicked the best gifts under S$100 in this list that has something to suit every Dad's personality. So sit back, click around, and wait for the perfect present to show up on your doorstep. 


Does Dear Ol' Dad spend more time in the boardroom than he does sprawled across the couch? Have him impress the boss and the office with this range of 100% premium silk ties. You'd be sure your workaholic hardworking dad will appreciate this!

Necktie for the Corporate Dad


It's about time to get dad a Father’s Day gift that’s as remarkable and reliable as he is. Give him this up-to-the-minute fusion of minimalism and sophistication. Both casual and dressy, the intricate exposed gears of the Sekonda Watch is a great option for everyday wear.

Sekonda Watch for the Dapper Dad


Feeling expressive but not sure how to convey your appreciation to Dad with style? 

Featuring a Father’s Day special cufflink “Father’s Love” coupled with an intricate piece with actual mechanical movement from the best-selling watch movement collection and a novelty hourglass cufflink that flows, gift them separately or as a set!

Cufflink Set for the Dressed Up Dad


What do you buy for the Foodie Dad who ensures the kitchen is always fully stocked? Something to tickle his tastebuds of course - Wow him with these Singaporean food favourites flavoured tea gift set from Ette Tea Company.

Tea Set for the Foodie Dad


Appeal to his left-brained nature while looking for gifts for your nifty Dad. It's not rocket science! Here’s one that challenges him - Featuring real mechanical movement with intricate hand crafted gears, the Watch Movement Michael Cufflinks are in a league of its own.

Silver and Gold Tourbillion Watch Cufflinks - Michael


Dad deserves to enjoy a multifunctional tool that's as sharp as his style. The compact NailClip Wood 580 is the perfect everyday carry, whether he's exploring the wilderness or facing the shark tank at work. 

Pocket Knife for Handyman Dad


The family man is a Dad who's loving, caring and always puts his family first. Nothing beats a more thoughtful gift than a pair of custom laser engraved cufflinks, so Dad can be reminded of the family whenever he wears them on his sleeve.

Silver Custom Engravable Cufflinks - Jeanette Cufflink O2


Buy your high-flyer Dad a gift that will come in useful when they're on the daily commute, rushing between meetings or jet setting on important business trips. The Wachterlein RFID Shield Wallet ensures that all his credit cards stay safe. Add on a touch of personalization with custom laser engraving.

Black RFID Protection Leather Wallet - Wachterlein


Acting cool is all part of the hipster philosophy, Dads aren't immune to the hipster effect either, Hipster dads definitely don't want "World's Greatest Dad" mugs for Father's Day, but the quirky printed pocket squares below will have him showing unadulterated delight this June. 

Patterned Pocket Squares


Whether you want to treat your dad to a keepsake from his favourite adventures or spur him on for his next trip, you can load up on a pair of original and personalized map cufflinks for dad right here. 

Silver Map Cufflinks - World Map - Custom Cufflinks


In our ever-changing world, technology will never go out of fashion. Have Dad store his gadgets in style with the Moleskine ID Collection laptop / tablet bag.

Moleksine ID Bag


A good superhero is hard to come by these days. For Father's Day this year show appreciation for your real-life hero with this Superhero Card Set from Curious Dotted Line. Complete it with his favourite Superhero cufflinksto get him smiling this June.

Superhero Cufflinks - Superman Cufflinks


For the OCD Dad, there's nothing more satisfying than having his things in the rightful places. With the 20 pair cufflink display case with a see through top, he can be sure he won't lose a cufflink ever again.

Black Leather Cufflinks Display Case (20 Pairs)


Made from acid free paper, with a sleek black cover. The Moleskine Classic Notebook in Black is the perfect notebook for Dad to jot down notes and thoughts whether in a meeting or when travelling. Make your gift even more personalized by adding on an elegant ink pen engraved with Dad's name.

Moleskine Black Leather Notebook


The perfect collector's cassette tape for Dad to relive the 70's retro gold tracks while he files in his spaceship and steal interstellar artefacts. The full soundtrack is also available in mp3 format for download if his Walkman needs some time off.

Retro Casette Tape

Nontraditional dads call for nontraditional gifts. This Father’s Day, give Dad all the love and respect you know he deserves by giving him a unique gift that plays to his personality. Whether he’s a globetrotter, a fashionable guy, or a sci-fi fan, you can find a great gift he’ll cherish for life.

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