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2019 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Guys can be tricky to buy gifts for, especially on important occasions like Valentine’s Day. If you want to out do your last present and get him something other than chocolate and stuffed animals, here are our best picks for every personality!


Shopping for the man who is punctual, precise and perpetually planning ahead? You've got a perfectionist on your hands, and we've got the perfect perfectionist gift ideas just for you.

Shop: 1. perfect collar travel iron, 2. 20 Pair Cufflinks Leather Display Case, 3. blue textured silk tie tanner, 4. emporio armani mens watch, 5. magnetic insulated flask tumblers


For the lovable weirdo of yours, we've gathered a few unconventional gifts that range from quirky to wacky.  Here are our favorite offbeat gift picks.

Shop: 1. Poodle Collar Pin, 2. Frankenstein Switch Plate, 3. spring carnation lapel flower boutonniere, 4. Zest Bow Tie, 5. watch movement Leo


Finding gifts for the photographer in your life can be tough especially since you're not into the hobby yourself. While new cameras always make good gifts, picking up the latest model can be quite costly. Don't panic! Here are some snap happy ideas that will put a smile on every photography enthusiast's face.


Shop: 1. custom photo cufflinks, 2. Koolertron Vintage Camera Bag, 3. Mobile phone lens, 4. Retro Shot Camera Cufflinks, 5. Men's camera print T-shirt


Make your geeky man's heart flutter with these great gift picks! Indulge his obsession with some of our movie favorites.

Shop: 1. moleskine notebook, 2. black and silver geek cufflinks qr code, 3. Thor of Asguard Hammer Cufflinks, 4. Lapel Pin Thrones Silver, 5. Star Wars Ear Phones, 6. silver geek cufflinks chess


For the sporty and adventurous man. Here is something useful, something fun or something luxurious.  

Shop: 1. camelbak hydration back pack, 2. silver sports cufflinks biker boy, 3. wireless sport headphones, 4. soccer cufflinks, 5. mens skin care products


Capture memories, inspire new adventures and make life on the road (or in the air) easier and more enjoyable. So skip the money belt and buy something your globetrotter will actually love.

Shop: 1. nautical sailboat cufflinks, 2. world map cufflinks, 3. Day to Night Cufflinks and Tie Clip Gift Set, 4. e reader, 5. Leather document organizer


The perfect gift for your music lover is one that helps them enjoy music even more, or show off their love for music. Here are those designed just to do that, and are definitely some of the best ones to give. 

Valentine's day gifts for him - The music lover

Shop: 1. Marquee Portable Record Player, 2. Guitar Hero Cufflinks, 3. Pianist Cufflinks, 4. Mojave Picker's Wallet, 5. Silver Custom Guitar Pick 

There's no better day to showcase your romantic and sentimental side than Valentine's Day, so why not spoil your man with these amazing gifts!

Whether you've been dating for a few months, or married for many years, make him feel extra special this February 14th.

Shop here for more great gift ideas! 

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Styling 101: Travel & Dress like a Local

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As we approach our favourite travel season this May, there’s hardly a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to travelling. Some travellers shuffle from one tourist hotspot to another with relish, while others prefer an experience that’s closer to the ground.

Prefer to hang out with the natives rather than be led through another maze of tourist traps? We'll show you how to blend in like a local.


If you're feeling the beat, rub shoulders with adventurous guitar players, talented improvisers, brave rockers armed with kitchen supplies and people who bring their music out into the streets. Add your magic to Florence's already artsy urban landscape.

Jam with Street Musicians in Florence Italy

Ace the relaxed yet fashionably artistic look with cotton or linen suits in neutral shades and pair them with accessories that show your individual element or quirk. A large sports watch is a must have investment, the one thing Italians love to wear.


Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for Summer Vacation

Shop the Look: Guitar Hero Cufflinks, Moleskine Sahara Brown Backpack, 3. MVMT Chrono Watch, 4. Braxton Bow Tie, 5. Potted Plan Lapel Pin, 6. Dylan Pocket Square


Think like a Parisian and you’ll do well here: Start rides at your local bistro, race out the Paris Basin into the calm and charming countryside, stop at boulangeries as needed, then go straight home and resume your day, as if this exceptional cycling city is completely normal.

Cycling on the Streets of Paris

The Parisian male loves to layer. This look contributes to the general Parisian fashion preference for looking as if you’re too cool to fuss over an outfit. Complete it with the signature European looped scarf and classicaccessories. 

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for Summer Vacation in Paris

Shop the Look: 1. Knight Shield Collar Pin, 2. Royal Green Lapel Rose, 3. Saint Laurent Silk Scarf, 4. Humming Bird Lapel Pin, 5. Basilica Cufflinks, 6. Moleskine ID Reporter Bag Black 


With an anything goes attitude to style, a man can wear whatever in London and onlookers won’t take a second look. From the dapper to the outlandish, men in this city know who and what they are; showing just how important confidence is when it comes to style.

Coffee with the Sloanies in London

A Sloanie is big on luxury brands yet understated about his extravagance; opting for non-logo items that show his appreciation for superior English wool, cashmere and silk, and British cuts and silhouette. Coordination is key.

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for Summer Vacation in London

Shop the Look: 1. Axis Silk Tie, Watch Movement Mosky Cufflinks, 3. Lanvin Sneakers, 4. Moleskine Laptop Sleeve, 5. Brolly Tiepin Silver


If you happen to find yourself in the area as the 9-5ers head out, there are no shortage of Midtown bars beckoning the overworked New Yorkers with enticing happy hour deals. From wine bars to your classic all American watering holes, this is the chance to to hang out with the cool crowd.

Happy Hour with 9-5ers in New York

Men in New York are ambassadors of clean lines and a slim cut shape. Tailored suits are the way to go. The most important thing to New York men is their shoes, recognising a solid, leather pair can essentially dress up a casual outfit and taking it to the next level. Add on the final touch of a key accessory - 
the tie.

Men's Cufflinks and Accessories for Summer Vacation in New York

Shop the Look: 1. Silver Cube Collar Bar, 2. Javon Tie, 3. Classic Silver Money Clip, 4. Lapel Pin Thrones Silver, 5. Maison Margiela Leather Derbys, 6. Alphabet Initials Cursive


Photographers, graffiti-artists and the plain curious are all drawn to Berlin's many abandoned and ruined places like the Spreepark, or former Nazi military areas. Venture into unchartered territory to discover brand new experiences.

Urban Exploration in Berlin

Berlin and grunge go rebelliously hand-in-hand, retaining some of the reckless flavour of the Eighties. Today, the next generation flaunt their freedom with grungy street wear looks in mostly black, giving rise to the modern bad boy look.


Men's Grunge Cufflinks and Accessories for Summer Vacation in Berlin

Shop: 1. Gunner Tiepin Silver & Jace Tie, 2. DSLR Cufflinks, 3. Saint Laurent Biker Jacket, 4. Fire Extinguisher Cufflinks, 5. Silver Fleur-de-lis Lapel Pin


No doubt, the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and Notre Dame are formidable tourist places worthy of awe and admiration that will earn you some bragging rights for sure. But why not step off the beaten track and explore the roads less travelled - in style of course.

Shop your holiday looks now! 



Image Credits:, net-a-porter,.com

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5 gift ideas for your Valentine this year

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The first month of 2015 flew by so fast and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! That also means it's time for all those with significant others to start thinking about how to make February 14th extra special for him and her. It's kind of hard to buy gifts for men, because soft toys and flowers simply don't cut it. Fret not, this year The Little Link has helped you to shortlist some gift ideas that will be bound to put a grin on his face!

  1. Drones

Drones made a splash last year with sales figures hitting a record high, and their popularity will continue to trend upwards in 2015, as prices gets more competitive with more players flocking into the market. Consumer drones are small, flying helicopters, usually equipped with cameras. Their sizes can range from palm sized to basketball sized, and can cost anywhere between $50 to a couple thousand dollars. These flying gadgets can be controlled by handheld controllers, or even from your smartphones, and can even roam the skies up to 120 meters high, providing unique perspectives like never before. All techy guys will love having a drone this year!

Price range: ($20 - $400)

Get your drones from Qoo10 or Apple Singapore.



  1. Cufflinks

Surprise your well-dressed man with a new pair of cufflinks this Valentine's Day. Why cufflinks? They are essential daily accessories that add sparkles on his business shirt. Moreover, imagine how he will be reminded of you when he glances at them during an important business meeting or formal event. If he has surprised you with jewelry in the past, it's a no brainer to return the favor with a thoughtful gift for him. 

We recommend romantic themed designs such as Love Links, Love of Infinity or Interlocked cufflinks.

 Price range: ($16 - $23)

Silver and Gold Classic Knot Cufflinks - Interlocked


  1. Jambox

Who says Bluetooth speakers have to be boring? Jambox bucks the trend with its bold color, big sound, portable design and two sizes to choose from. To blast your favorite tunes, simply connect to smartphones, tablets or laptops over Bluetooth. Its lithium-ion battery can play music up to 10 hours, and offers a whooping 75-hour standby time. We think it hits all the right notes.

Price range: ($29.99 - $129.99)

Get your Jambox at Jawbone.

Jam Box

  1. Mechanical Watch

While ladies tend to fawn over the exteriors of watches, men are often charmed by the intricacies in mechanical watches. Mechanical watches are not built digitally like Quartz watches, but are often painstakingly assembled by professional watchmakers, which also explain why their price tags are in a different universe from their Quartz counterparts. If you are planning to get one, do opt for the open-heart designs, where the inner clockwork of the timepiece is showcased.

For affordable mechanical watches, check out Arbutus watches.

Price range: ($280 - $800)

Arbutus Watches


5.Bellroy Wallet

Tired of his bulging wallet? Give him a sleep alternative with Bellroy. Made from vegetable tanned leathers and backed by a 3-year warranty, Bellroy’s wallets are elegant and functional design and one of the thinnest around. It's unique design is meant to reduce bulk while still providing easy access to the most common cards used. If his wallet is falling apart, he will be sure to appreciate this gift! 

Price range: ($63 - $160)

Bellroy Leather Wallet


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