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Your Spring Summer 2018 Guide

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Spring is finally upon us and everyone's instagram feeds are starting to pop with colours.  This signals that it's probably time to dig in our closets and bring the colour wheel back into our lives.  In the past years, seasons were not as important for men as it has been for women.  Times have changed, and we're happy to say that men are keeping up with the trends.  Thanks to fashionable men on instagram, we don't need to scratch our heads on what looks great.  We know you want in on what's new but you don't necessarily desire to break the bank just to get yourself Spring ready. Here's some tips on what you should focus on for that much needed update.  

First things first, you need a good base.  Everything starts with your shirt. Invest in basic colours- whites are the bestseller with blue a close second.  There are different options out there, but do remember- solids and pinstripes are the easiest to match.  Be boardroom ready- there are different types of shirts and cuffs in the market and the most misunderstood are the French Cuffs.  They have long been associated with formal occasions but that too has changed throughout the years and they're now making an appearance in the workplace. They look great and can be used with or without a suit. We have a solid selection of these classic must-haves here at The Little Link and we know that these are some you should get your hands on.

Now your accessories play a very important part in the changing of seasons.  Your choice of necktie will make a huge impact on your outfit. Here are some tips you should be taking note of to give off those spring vibes.


There's nothing like doing a clean sweep of your wardrobe and letting go of items you no longer wear.  Decide on what looks good on you and stick to those pieces.  You'll want to make sure you invest on key colours- for shirts and ties.  Stay with the basic palette and keep the rest of your Winter-y colours for now- not to worry, you can wear them again when Autumn/Winter resurfaces.  By then, people will think they're brand new! 

 Keep to classics like Kosta Williams.


1.French Cuff Dress Shirt in Ash Blue, 2.Classic Knot Cufflinks, 3.Javon Tie, 4.Bellroy Micro Sleeve - Charcoal


There is no need to bore your blue shirts with the monotony of your accessories.  Citrus coloured ties look great on a contrasting blue shirt. Check out your clothes, the colour wheel, and see what colours you're drawn to.  Don't be afraid of the varying hues, we guarantee you will see and feel the difference. 

Menswear Influencer Shaun Birley keeping his style fresh with contrasting colors.


Contrast Tie and French Cuff Shirt

1.Escape Control Cufflinks, 2.Holden Tie, 3.Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet, 4.Cotton French Cuff Shirt in Navy Stripe


Who said you needed to keep your black shirts for Winter?  We know you have your moods too and if want strut in them, why not try some of that tonal layering. Wear them with your silvers and greys and channel the sexy mysterious vibes.  Top it off with sunglasses of course, because your future's just looking so bright. 

A post shared by Matthew Zorpas (@matthewzorpas) on

 Matthew Zorpas looking dashing with tonal layering.

1.French Cuff Dress Shirt in Jet Black, 2.Carbon Fibreglass Money Clip, 3.Watch Movement Dominic, 4.Shinto Gothic Steampunk Sunglasses, 5.Ivan Tie


We know you'd prefer more conservative shades, but we dare you to add this season's colour to your accessories.  You'll be happy to know that bold and bright colours are here to stay until Autumn/Winter 2018 so these are actually investments you'll want to make now.

 Alex Smiles showing us awesome Spring/Summer vibes.

1.French Cuff Dress Shirt in White , 2.Bennett Tie, 3.Ringlord Cufflinks, 4.Tie clip William 60MM, 5.Moleskine Lineage Leather Horizontal Wallet

You'll find so many style tips just by just following these fashion forward men on instragram but always remember the most important thing is that you choose the style you're comfortable with. 

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