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Top Gifts for Father's Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. While most dads and husbands probably don’t expect much, it’s still nice to show them that you’re grateful and surprise them with a fun-filled day or unique gift. After all, dads deserve lots of love too.

Of course, there are the usual gifts that a husband surely appreciates: a classic tie, belt, socks, button-down shirt and the list goes on. These gifts stand the test of time; they’re classics. Maybe it’s time to turn up the volume on Father’s Day, though. Besides, unless your husband wears a tie to work every day, he probably doesn’t need a new classic tie. So, skip the new boring tie; consider these gifts for your husband instead!

Pastel Bowtiecrystal bowtie


The Trendy Bowtie

Bowties are the latest trends in both formal and casual wear. This is great whether your husband is looking for something to wear for a semi-formal dinner or just out for a nice brunch.

These trendy ties can also double as functional for work. They are great with a casual short-sleeved button-down shirt.

Dress up a formal night with a rhinestone bowtie. This is great to couple with your beautiful gown. The two of you will undoubtedly make a statement in a sleek black suit and dress with this statement bowtie.

poker themed cufflinks

Pick a Theme and Go Out

What husband doesn’t love the idea of a poker night? Choose gifts that pair well with a fun planned night out. These unique ace cuff links are great for a poker night. Invite all your best couple friends over or have a poker night with the family.

You could start the night at your favorite dive bar with pool tables and shuffle board, then head home for a night of cards and beer.


Swimsuits for Two

There’s something great for both of you with this gift. What better gift than a gift for yourself that your husband will also love? Summer is in full swing in most places, so grab a great new swimsuit for yourself and hit the lake! With the Fourth of July coming up quickly, grab some suits with a theme. There’s no need to get matching suits, but surely these suits will come in handy again.

backpacks and laptop cases

New Backpack for Dad

Bags aren’t reserved just for moms and not every man is in need of a tie. Maybe you know those new cufflinks might end up in the box after your night out. If that’s the case, check out a gift with a bit more day-to-day function. A laptop backpack is sure to come in use frequently for travel, if not daily!

The new backpack trends are sleek and versatile. Even if your husband does dress up for work every day, there are backpacks that will add to the formality, rather than dress it down. Whether your husband if for rugged and would like a rucksack backpack or more likely to dress and would prefer a more classic laptop bag, there’s a new bag for every husband out there.

engraved customized pen

Engraved Pen

Depending on the type of work your husband does, chances are he would love to own a nice pen for his desk. Check out this quality pen that you can get engraved with whatever you’d like.

There’s a huge different between a standard pen and one that was crafted. Even if he just uses it for a signature every now and then, he’ll love to add this to his collection. Consider engraving your wedding date, special saying or both of your names!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so don’t wait to jump on these creative gift ideas! Your husband with surely appreciate these thoughtful gifts more than a pair of socks or new leather belt. For more unique ideas, check out our Father’s Day page!

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