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Types Of Lapel Pins And Boutonnieres

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It's a fine line between understated enhancement and novelty clutter when it comes to accessorizing your suit and, when worn correctly, the lapel pin or boutonniere will always ensure that your suit becomes the centre of attention at any event. 

In this guide, we will discuss about the many different types of Boutonnieres and Lapel Pins that are suitable for each occasion.

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Here are some examples of the most popular backings to fasten lapel pins:

  • Stick Pin: This is the most common attachment used in contemporary pins for suits. A stick pin has a thin needle with a collar that slides up and down the needle to secure or release the pin. It gives a classic look that is suitable for many occasions.
Royal Red Lapel Rose


  • Military/ Butterfly Clutch: This is often used on smaller pins. The back of the pin has a sharp point attached to it and when the butterfly clutch is squeezed the pin is released from the clutch.
  • Magnetic Clasp: Pretty self-explanatory really but this uses two small disc magnets in the back of the pin and the corresponding attachment to hold the pin in place. Although this is often not considered as the most effective way to secure the pin, it does prevent any holes from being made in your suit material.
  • Screw and Nut: This is not as widely used as the attachments mentioned above but is considered to be one of the most secure. The point is threaded so that the nut screws into place to hold the pin firmly.

Types of Lapel Pin Backings


Boutonniere/ Flower

A boutonniere is a lapel pin made with a living flower and are best suited for special events like weddings.

A boutonniere should be worn pushed through the lapel buttonhole (always on the left hand side – the side of your heart.) The stem should be at a slight angle so it is running parallel to the edge of the lapel and should be secured from behind with a pin.

Push the pin, facing down,  through the back of the lapel and through the thickest part of the stem of the boutonniere. Try to avoid any of the metal from the pin showing. In pricier suits, there is often a loop at the back of the lapel to secure the boutonniere as continued pinning could eventually damage the expensive cloth or silk facing

Lapel Pins and Boutonnieres

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Floral Lapel Pin

Usually smaller than a traditional boutonniere, the floral lapel pin is an artificial equivalent of the ‘live’ flower used in a boutonniere. Common flower pin materials include: felt, linen, cotton, paper, silk, and satin.

The use of a lapel flower should be to add an overall elegance of your ensemble, not to add shock factor – keep colour and size to a suitable minimum. The floral lapel pin is considered slightly less formal than the boutonniere and is designed to add personality to your suit as they often come in an amazing array of colours and patterns.

The floral lapel pin should keep in proportion to the rest of your outfit – you don’t want it to look like it’s about to squirt water in the faces of unsuspecting passers-by – and you don’t want it to avert all the attention away from your dashing suit.

Lapel Pins and Boutonnieres - Lapel Flower


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This type of lapel pin, often called an ‘enamel pin’, is often very small and subtle as the wearer wants to avoid it looking too much like a brooch.

As this type of pin is usually less intrusive on the lapels you can afford to be a little more playful when looking for options. This is also the type of suit pin used in the military, political movements, and for charity campaigns.

Lapel Pins and Boutonnieres - Burger Enamel Pin

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Collar Pins

If a lapel pin isn’t for you, you can go for something a little different and go for a collar pin. These attach to your collar just above the point. They add a new flair to your look.

Collar Pins


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Lapel pins and Boutonnieres often work alongside a tie and / or a pocket square and the key thing to remember is to avoid duplication. You should avoid wearing a lapel pin that has the identical pattern and colour to your tie and pocket square. In general, your accessories should compliment the rest of the outfit, and each other, but not match.

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Source: Adapted from The Idle Man

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