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Customized Cufflinks

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Top 10 Cufflinks

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Our bestselling cufflinks for the last 3 months:

1. Ironman

2. Superman (Black)

3. Captain America

4. Liquid Blue

5. Transformers Autobot

6. Spiderman

7. Large Display Box (20 pairs)

8. Merry Men

9. Hourglass

10. Black Laser

How many of them do you have? :)

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We are 2!

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The Little Link turns 2 this month. From a tiny hobby, we are proud to have come a long way.

Thank you for all your support!

This year we have expanded to distribute our cufflinks on many online portals/marketplaces to reach out to more customers, for instance to Amazon, Kwerkee, Hipvan, Qoo10. We have also expanded into the accessories collection to serve a new segment of customers.

After adding our new testimonial section, we are heartened to receive 20 reviews in just 2 days! Love the enthusiasm of our customers and we hope to receive more feedback on our products in order to serve you better. Keep the review coming and we promise to read every single one and improve on our products and services!


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How to wear cufflinks

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Hinged-back cufflinks like the one on our site are very easy to put on - the instructions and video below will show you the steps.

  1. Wear the correct shirt. Put on a dress shirt with French (or Double) cuffs. This sort of shirt has extra long cuffs with no buttons and holes on each side.
  2. Fold back the cuffs, making sure that they form a neat and even line at the end of the sleeves.
  3. Hold the two open edges of the shirt cuff together. Unlike cuffs with buttons where one side of the cuff folds inside the other, with cufflinks, the two sides lay flat away from the wrist.
  4. Make sure the holes for the cufflink line up.
  5. Insert the cufflink and secure it. When your arm is at your side, the decorative part of the cuff link should be facing outwards.

 If you cannot see the video below, please click on this link<Cufflinks video by ehowbeauty>


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How to order

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We have added a new visually rich 'How to Order' guide for our new customers! do check it out or let us know if you have feedback :)

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