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Visual Guide to How Your Suit Should Fit

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Menswear - How Your Suit Should Fit
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Guide to choosing cufflinks

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Cufflinks can be used for both formal and informal occasions. For instance, it can be worn to the office, wedding dinners, fancy dress parties or even Christmas gatherings. For formal occasions, pick more subtle designs in muted colors like silver, black and blue with small crystals. For informal dinners, or fancy dress parties, live it up with outrageous designs, crystals and louder colors to stand out from the crowd. Novelty cufflinks are great as conversation starters!

Mens Novelty Cufflinks

2. Colour:

Cufflinks should be chosen to match shirts. The safest and easiest to match colours are silver, white, black and blue. If you are getting a gift for someone you don't know well, stick to safer colors. The most classic designs are pure silver, or black and silver with crystals.

More flamboyant colors like red/pink should be chosen for more stylish/fashionable men who are able to pair it with suitable shirts and ties.


3.Interest / Preference:

When choosing cufflinks as a gift, it would be best to reflect the individual's taste/hobbies. For instance, if the receipient is active and loves outdoor activities, try sporty cufflinks. Others would love to have links relating to superheros or poker/casino themed cufflinks.

Batman Black CufflinksGold and Silver Novelty Cufflinks - Bullet

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