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Match Your Suit to the Bride's Wedding Gown

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Think you’ve chosen the perfect suit for your wedding?

Most times, the groom would have settled for a two piece suit in dark, safe colours. This ensures that the suit can be worn again for work and other formal occasions after the wedding. It doesn't have to be this way.

All it takes are some stylish add on accessories and a boring suit can be transformed into a work of art instantly! From colourful ties and bow-ties, patterned pocket squares to witty accessories like cufflinks and tie clips, the dapper groom can definitely be in the limelight while complementing the bride’s gown at the same time.
Though floor-length gowns are de rigueur for formal evening affairs, brides who are getting married during the day, at informal venues or at intimate outdoor ceremonies can take full advantage of the opportunity to rock an uncommon hemline. Tea length gowns that hit mid-calf are a really elegant way to wear a shorter hemline without looking too casual, with a slight hint of the retro vibe.

Match Groom's Suit to Bridal Tea Dress
Match it with: A Playful & Personalized Suit
Intimate weddings mean dressy and semi-casual attire, but that doesn’t give you the excuse to dress down! Grooms, this is the perfect chance for you to play up your personality with colors and accessories that are truly you. More often, the bride’s tea dress would be in shades of white or off-white, which gives you room to sport suits and accessories that are in a variety of hues.
If you’re looking to coordinate, opt for accent accessories that match her lipstick or nails, or shades from the bridal bouquet.

Playful and Personalized Men's Wedding Cufflinks and Accessories
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Sheath wedding dresses are designed in such way that the seam runs vertically from the shoulders down to the hips. They are meant to flatter the bride's body and to accentuate her figure. One of the best things about sheath wedding dresses is that they are lightweight, which makes it perfect for destination weddings on a beach, or on board a luxury yacht. Just pack the dress and it will be ready to wear at the day of your matrimony.

Match Groom's Suit to Bridal Sheath Dress
Match it with: A Natural & Classic Suit
When trying to decide on a jacket, you ideally want to find one in a breathable, light fabric. Cotton, linen, and seersucker are all terrific fabrics for marina / yacht wedding attire for men. Complement her minimalistic look with classic accessories and perhaps with some colors of the ocean.

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In western cultures, brides traditionally wear a white dress on their wedding day. Look beyond the west and you'll find a wide variety of wedding attire according to different countries and cultures. Some brides adorn themselves in colorful garments, others paint their hands and faces in accordance with local traditions, while some hide their faces completely behind layers of jewelry or veils.

Match Groom's Suit to Traditional Bridal Dress
Not everybody upholds these traditions, and many people wear what they want for their Big Day. If you’re thinking that you need to be clad in heavy armour, fret not (unless you want to!), here’s the suit you need to match her dress.
Match it with: A Sleek Black Suit with Accents of Red

Matching your suit to a traditional dress can be the most tricky of all, considering that you need to complement her dress, yet at the same time not look washed out and overpowered by the gaudy glitter and colors. In times like this, you need to bring out the sharp black suit for contrast. Add subtle accents of red for a complimentary look, but ensure it is kept to a minimum.

Sleek and Sharp Wedding Cufflinks and Accessories
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A glamorous cathedral wedding dress is an amazing choice for the bride who wants to make a statement at your church wedding. The Cathedral “train” being the longest and most formal of all wedding dresses with trains. The bride is traditionally dressed in a white dress that symbolizes purity.

Match Groom's Suit to Cathedral Wedding Dress
Match it with: A Modest Well Tailored Suit
Because the sacramental ceremony is a significant life event, it is important to dress the part and respect the venue. Opt for classic or muted colors and accessories to match a perfectly tailored suit, while you complete the look with a pair of black dress shoes.

Classic Wedding Cufflinks

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The Ballroom wedding gown is the style that most brides will not reject. Many women have always dreamed to be a princess in their childhood, and they would love to have a fairytale come true on their special day. The woman who opts for a ball gown is looking for a very specific kind of drama - making a statement and grabbing attention.

Match Groom's Suit to Wedding Ball Gown
Match it with: A Luxe and Crisp Tuxedo
It’s important to ensure your styles work together as a couple on your wedding. If your bride is sporting a glamorous and tulle ball gown with a red carpet march in, a lightweight linen suit is definitely out of the question - a classic tuxedo is more like it. Glam up your tuxedo with crystal cufflinks and mother-of-pearl accessories that sparkles when the spotlight shines on you!

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For evening wedding celebrations, the bride can choose a colored gown for the second half of the reception. Colored gowns are trickier to carry off than traditional white gowns. Your bride will pick a color that will flatter her skin tone and showcase her personality.

Match Groom's Suit to Wedding Evening Gown
Match it with: The Full Fledged Power Tuxedo
For ultra formal evening receptions, nothing says "I'm a man of the world" like owning your own perfectly tailored-to-you tuxedo. Impress the bride and your guests with your knowledge of the black tie dress code by pairing your suit with all the details that matter. Finish the look with black shiny patent leather Oxfords.

Power Black Tie Wedding Cufflinks and Men's Accessories

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We all know the bride is the center of attention, but as her right-hand man, all eyes are on the groom as well. There is no reason why grooms can’t show off their sartorial savvy. But just like finding your soul mate, choosing your wedding attire is all about complementing, rather than competing with each other.
If you already have an idea of your attire for your big day, shop our massive collection of over 1,000 designs. Need more styling inspiration for your upcoming wedding? Check out Groom Styling for Unique Themed Weddings!

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