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Top 2018 Groomsmen Trends

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A guest blog post by Abigail Golder


There’s a lot that goes into planning the Big Day, from flowers to seating arrangements. It might seem that there’s no bigger box to check than the bride’s wedding dress, but the groom’s, and groomsmen’s attire is just as important. The classic tux and a rose boutonniere are traditions among grooms and groomsmen for good reasons, but most men choose to branch out a little. Even small touches can make a huge impact during your wedding day - and during the festivities beforehand.

Top 2018 groomsmen trends

Whether you’re going big and flashy or going smaller and subtle, there are a few trends for 2018 that might catch your eye as you plan. Here are some of our top trends for the most dashing (and fun-loving) grooms and groomsmen.

Light & Colorful Jackets

One top trend for the coming year is a little pop of color for groomsmen attire. Black and grey suits have often been the standard, but if you’re planning a little outside the box, you might try opting for another shade. Instead of neutral navy suits for the groom and groomsmen, consider a royal blue jacket with black pants. For a serious power look, you might even try a patterned jacket for the groomsmen in a slick and colorful brocade, or a subtle checked-pattern suit for a more informal event. Or you might go a little further and try a full color suit - suits in emerald green, or suits in a variety of complementary colors, could add an extra bit of pop and visual interest to your wedding photos. 

Light and colorful jackets - blue

If you’re a bit more reserved, try something a bit more subtle but enough to make a statement. A crystal bowtie is a great way to draw some attentions to the guys without overpowering the bride.

Silver crystal bow tie - Colin

Variation from Groom to Groomsmen

Rather than having the groom and groomsmen dressed exactly the same, add a little variation. Grooms can select two different color palettes for you and your groomsmen’s suits, or you might even allow a little leeway in what your best buds might want to wear (provided a few parameters). Ask your groomsmen to buy a suit in a particular color, or even just an outfit in a particular color if you’re keeping your ceremony non-traditional. For those on a budget, ask your groomsmen to buy a matching tie, or a matching jacket, and allow them to style the rest of their outfit. Your groomsmen will get to add their personal touch, and you’ll have a great mix of cool and classy photos. Grooms might even go subtler--while you might ask your groomsmen to wear the same suit, you can mix it up with a colorful pocket square or a different boutonniere than your buds.

Matching bow ties for groom and groomsmen

The Traditional Bachelor Party

Another trend many grooms and groomsmen have been cottoning back to are slightly more relaxed bachelor’s parties. A crazy night out is of course the new standard, but feel free to branch out and consider a different kind of party. The best man can consider a hunting party, a camping trip, or even a trip to a distillery for the groom’s night; all involve beers and bonding, but with a more creative twist. Ultimately, it’s about what the groom might most like to do, so if he is more laidback and isn’t in for a night wreaking havoc across the city, consider something more casual. It’s also still possible to do something exciting without sticking to traditions. For example, take a day trip to go skydiving! It’s something the groomsmen might want to try together for the first time. Add brews and good friends, and you’ve got yourself a bachelor party.


Destination Boy’s Trip

Another popular option for bachelor parties--and general groom-groomsmen bonding time--is a good boys’ trip. Travel to a far-off destination, or a new city with lots to do. Las Vegas is one of the most popular bachelor party destinations in the country. A trip to “Sin City” is a great way to celebrate and create memories with your bridal party before the big day. It’s also a great opportunity to look sharp with your crew. The great thing about Vegas is the opportunity to tap into your entire wardrobe. That said, some clubs do enforce a dress code, so be sure to double check that you’ve packed all the necessities.

silver poker card cufflinks - four of a kind

Groomsmen Gifts

If you’re planning on gifting your groomsmen, go beyond the standard novelty gift. Customized cufflinks are a great way to show your groomsmen how much each of them means to you. This is actually a great time to double up on two trends add some color to your guys’ attire as well. A photo session with a variety of socks is one of the most popular trends in weddings. You might even customize your gifts further and give them each a personalized pair. 

Silver custom engraved cufflinks - Jeanette


Now that we've got the groomsmen covered, it's time to focus on you. Need more ideas on what type of suit to get for the big day? Check out this article on suits that match your bride's gown and the destination.


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