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The Little Link was conceived on the tiny city-state of Singapore in 2011. For those of you who have never been to Singapore, it's sunny and humid and walking 5 minutes outdoors during the day instantly gets you all hot and bothered. Instead of hunting for fashion in the malls, we wanted our customers to shop from the air-conditioned comfort of their home, office or bed. Our fascination with accessories got us to focus on the best ways to add finishing touches for everyday menswear - and that's how The Little Link cufflinks was born.

Cufflinks may be small, but there is always a unique design for every occasion and you can never run out of reasons to indulge yourself or surprise your loved ones. Over the years we have expanded our range to cover a wide variety of men's accessories such as ties, bowties and wallets. Each design is lovingly handpicked and curated by our team from responsible & ethical suppliers globally or carefully custom-engraved in Singapore. Increasingly, we are also producing limited edition exclusive pieces based on our customers' preferences. 

At The Little Link, we believe that dressing your best elevates your career, gets you dates, and simply makes you feel damn good about yourself. We are here to make the process of dressing yourself or your loved ones as painless as possible. We pride ourselves on high quality products, friendly customer service and fast delivery, to meet your dressing and gifting needs as quickly as possible. 

We are a self-funded small business and have been growing our team slowly but steadily over the years. To date, we have shipped to tens of thousands of clients all around the world, with customer hailing from over 60 different countries including Australia, United States, Canada, Iceland, France, Monaco, Japan and Dubai. Take a look at our numerous product reviews by loyal customers who love our quality and service and we would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or questions! 


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The Little Link is a Singapore registered company (Registration No: 201533768K)