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Payment Options

Extremely convenient payment options are available. We do not store any credit card or bank details on our site, all purchases are protected by Stripe and Paypal SSL, so your purchase is 100% secure. For a step by step guide, please refer to our How to Order guide

payment options

1) Credit Card

Payments by Visa, Mastercard or AMEX will be processed securely by Stripe, a global payments platform with DCI PSS compliant solutions which is used by millions of businesses such as Amazon and

2) Paypal 

For payments by Paypal, please select the Paypal option. You will be redirected to make payment on the Paypal website.


3) International Bank Transfers

For customers located overseas, please note that traditional inward telegraphic transfers may be pretty costly due to exchange rates and admin fees (>US$15). We encourage you to check out modern options like Transferwise with very competitive rates. If you wish to pay by inward telegraphic transfer, we will gladly provide you our account details on request. Please ensure the final amount that reaches our bank account matches your order value. 


More delivery details on our Delivery Options page.