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Customization - The New Corporate Gift

Why corporate gift giving is important for your business

Corporate gift giving is serious business. As part of a well-considered program, it can help establish or enhance critical relationships and become a cost-effective means of recognizing activities that benefit the business. 

Why send gifts to your clients

Here are the reasons why you need to send gifts to your clients on a regular basis.

Personalized Gifting Reinforces Your Brand  

If you value your brand, show those who chose to do business with you that your brand stands for relationships, thoughtfulness, and going the extra mile. 

Staying in Touch Keeps the Relationship Open 

When your gift arrives, it opens up the lines of contact. The client will most likely reply, providing you the opportunity to discuss ongoing business needs and solutions. 

Gifting Sets You Apart From the Competition

Chances are, you aren’t the only business your client works with, but gifting may help you be their favourite. People do business with those they know and like. Sending a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to distinguish your business as a preferred partner.  

The Phenomenon of Personalization 

The notion of creating something unique for the recipient is not new. Personalized gifts in its “pre-made” form is always associated with mass production. However, quality customization is now more accessible and affordable even on a small-scale, thanks to technology.

Personalization has found favour with the mass audiences in recent years. A good example is the Nutella Jars and Coca Cola Cans with names on them. Not only has it been proven a successful marketing tactic for these companies, a research conducted in the UK has indicated that more than half of the adult population received a personalized gift during the last 12 months and the average personalizer spends £36.50 a year on personalised gifts with 27 million people having purchased one themselves. 

Taking your corporate gift to the next level

An ideal gift is one that demonstrates that a lot of thought has been given in the selection process, making the recipient feel pampered and well-appreciated. Indeed, the act of engraving has proven to be an effective differentiator that has brought delight to many loyal customers. Apart of it being the next big thing, the art of personalization is also a powerful personal tool when implemented in the process of corporate gifting.

Here is why you should personalize your next corporate gift and how you should go about doing it:

Individuality with Practicality

A customized gift if done well enters a whole new level of gifting, simply because it does not blatantly hint at “loyalty buying” as with expensive gifts. Instead, what would do the trick is to present a gift that is useful and durable because people would be using it while unconsciously advertising for your brand.

Your clients want to be remembered. Having only your logo on a key ring for them will not help bridge the personal connection between you and your client. However, a personalized key ring with their name engraved on it bodes a different outcome.

The usual notebook or mug is one of those gifts which ultimately end up at the thrift store. With customization, they are awarded identity as they become the property of the recipient whose name is printed on the gift.

Though customized gifts may help market your brand, it is not a marketing opportunity and people do not like to be treated as walking advertisements. So a huge print of your logo on your gift is a no go. Conversely, the beauty of personalization stems from subtle low key elements that showcase the owner’s individuality.

A Lasting Impression

“But what if they forget who gave it?”.

In fact, a gift that has the recipient’s company logo instead of yours might even work better, because it is customized for the recipient, not the giver.

Imagine receiving a note along with a pair of cufflinks engraved your initials that says “It has come to my attention that you often wear classic cufflinks, and I just thought that you would like this personalized set.” Talk about smooth. This gift is destined for greatness, for it elevates the status of the gift.

Create an Experience

Well, it turns out that when it comes to corporate gift-giving, not a lot of people are looking forward to getting surprises in the mail. Many times we just go “Oh no! More gifts that I don’t need” or “It’s that time to haul out all the junk I got from other companies.”

The best gifts are the ones that create experiences. Because at the end of the day experiences, and the memories those experiences enable, matter the most to us.

Personalized gifts allow you to create memories that are special to your client – that is ultimately the best thing you can ever gift. 
So take your gifting to the next level with personalized and meaningful gifts and experiences over traditional presents. It’s easy to opt-in for a “safe” gift. But if you put a little extra thought and just a bit of your heart into it, you will build authentic relationships with people around you (customers, employees, vendors, partners, investors). And that is priceless!

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