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Speech Tips Every Groom Needs by The Little Link Wedding Blog

A great groom speech should be a really good dollop of entertainment and fun, whilst at the same time to give thanks, and to express how you feel on the happiest day of your life. It’s your chance to stand up and acknowledge the people who have brought you to this point and of course to talk about the person you’ve been lucky enough to marry.

Here’s how to write a heartfelt speech and stay calm enough to deliver it.

1. Use Humor Sparingly

A good joke is often the highlight to get everyone's attention. However, it isn’t an opportunity for a 10-minute comedy stand-up routine, so catch their attention with your hilarious one liners while balancing out the speech with some sincere comments. 

2. Focus on the Bride

Although you’ll want to reference the best man and poke a bit of fun at him, remember what your wedding is about – your relationship with your bride, not your best mate, so less of the banter and more of the love, please!

3. Use the term "My Wife"

Early on, drop in ‘my wife and I’. It will always receive a warm cheer and will help set your nerves at rest before the speech.

4. Thank your parents and the in-laws 

Thank your parents for the lifts to school, freezing afternoons on the side of a sports field – anything that shows their support. Your new bride might not get the opportunity to thank them for all they’ve done for her, so it’s up to you to do it 

5. Show Your Appreciation to Your Bridal Party

Say thanks to the people who have put in all the hardwork before and during the wedding. It can be a great opportunity to gift them small tokens of appreciation as well.

6. Make Eye Contact

The more sincere elements of your speech will be more powerful if, when you’re talking about your wife, you actually make eye contact with her.

7. Discuss with Your Bride

If your Bride is planning on making a speech, you can discuss it beforehand to make sure you’re not covering the same material. A fun idea may be to combine speeches with your partner. This can really work when talking about situations such as how you met because you can cover the story from two different viewpoints (the truth and her side of the story). 


Finally, remember this is your day. It's okay to feel nervous, but we're sure everyone in the room cares about you and are wishing you well. 

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