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Attending a wedding or tying the knot? Whether you are the groom, the best man or the father of the bride, we’ll make sure you’re dressed impeccably. The symbolism of the wedding ceremony matters, and so does the outfit. Let’s ensure your look is perfect for one of life's most special occasions.

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Top 3 Wedding Styles to Show your Personality

Traditional, timeless or trendy? After the wedding theme is decided, all that's left is to dress according to the theme right? Easier said than done, but let us help you get there.
Here’s our handy guide to pick the best accessories you need for the top 3 wedding themes.

The Little Link Hipster Accessories The Little Link Hipster Accessories 
The Hipster Wedding

At most weddings, a lot of the focus is on how the bride looks. However a hipster wedding is just as much about the groom, or the grooms :). To achieve the look, quirky prints and accessories are essential.  We've picked out Carl Bow Tie, Retro Radio Cufflinks, Baxter Pocket Square and Silver Fleur de lis Lapel Pin to look the part. Don't forget your sneakers too!


The Little Link Minimalist Cufflinks The Little Link Minimalist Cufflinks   

The Minimalist Wedding
Less doesn’t equal boring — especially when it comes to minimalist weddings. This understated and totally cool trend has been popping up on our radar and we’re absolutely in love. We’ve narrowed it down to Spiza Tie Clip, Zachary Tie Black, Black Laser Cufflinks and Silver Top Hat Collar Bar, for you to be the best dressed groom ever.  

The Little Link Geeky Cufflinks The Little Link Geeky Cufflinks   
The Geek Wedding
When it comes to weddings, the terms "Geek" and "Chic" are never mutually exclusive. The QR Code Cufflinks, Memories Stick Cufflinks, Ingrid Pastel Bowtie and Geek Lapel Pin are clever ways to incorporate Geek Chic to your wedding.

Didn't Spot Your Style?


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Accessorize by Color

Accessories can make or break an outfit for the big day. We've made it easy for you to match your colors to every wedding theme. Whether neutrals, accent or something in between, we've got your wedding color covered!

black wedding color accessories  blue wedding color accessories  red wedding color accessories  green wedding color accessories  orange wedding color accessories  pink wedding color accessories  
purple wedding color accessories  white wedding color accessories  gold wedding color accessories  silver wedding color accessories  yellow wedding color accessories  wedding crystals and color accessories  

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Finish the Look

A wedding is not just about the couple, but also about sharing the special occasion with friends and family. Get matching, color-coordinated accessories for your entire crew and those once in a lifetime photoshoots will definitely be extra memorable!
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Make it a Gift

Show a little appreciation for the special guys in your life. Shop our wide selection of gifts for groomsmen, fathers and grooms under S$100.

wedding guide gifts under 20  wedding guide gifts under 50  wedding guide gifts under 100
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Wedding Snippets

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